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Individuals train for different reasons and with different goals. Some people are interested in optimal health. Some people train for competitions. What’s your reason?

Whether you're a soccer mom, mixed martial artist, golfer, stay-at-home mom, powerlifter, retired worker, endurance athlete, corporate ceo, Olympic lifter, sports fanatic, weekend warrior, student-athlete, strongman, “average joe”, physique competitor, or just someone who wants to look and feel better; utilizing the  Fusion Training System (FTS) will take your sport performance, work productivity and skill ability to new heights. 

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About Fusion Training System



 FTS emerge by implementing

Bruce Lee’s philosophy of JEET KUNE DO:


RESEARCH your own experience.

ABSORB what is useful.

REJECT what is useless.

ADD what is specifically your own.


 FTS Mission: Use a “multidisciplinary approach”

to unlock human performance potential.


How Great Of A Person Do You Want To Be?

As great or greater than MY highest potential!


I. Thy shall have proper control of mind.

II. Thy shall train outside the “comfort zone.”

III. Thy shall not try to out-train a lousy diet.

IV. Thy shall give body ample time to recover.

V. Thy shall train movements.



    • Principle of Progressive Overloa - Planning and Programming 
    • Principle of Specificity -  Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands
    • Principle of  Variation - “Spice of Life”
    • Principle of Individuality - Customize based on needs analysis



  • Train fundamental movements before specific sport skill.
  • Build and rebuild individuals from the ground up.
  • Train primarily with free weights and focus on compound exercises.
  • Train unsupported and use single limb movement as much as possible.
  • Train the core as center of the action.
  • Strongly implement movement preparation and regeneration.
  • Develop joint flexibility, stabilizers and ligaments.
  • Treat the body as one piece (no muscle isolation) 



 1. Psychology       2. Training      3. Diet      4. Recovery

The four components, all equally important, must simultaneously be trained and executed at its outmost capacity for optimal performance. The union of all four  is the essence of FTS.


My Training Philosophy = FUSION TRAINING SYSTEM 

A Word from the Creator of FTS


Fritzie Villegas

Human Performance Coach

San Jose, CA


To my Fellow Athlete and Coaches, Dearest Family and Friends, Current Loyal Clients and Genuine Prospective Clients,


I am devoted to helping athletes and non-athletes of all ages, abilities and levels realize their true potential. I spent countless hours devouring every source of information I could get my hands on pertaining to sports medicine, anatomy, biomechanics, nutrition, sport psychology, business, just to name a few. I've created numerous training programs and tested them on hundreds of individuals. I only used the approaches that provided the greatest results for my clients. For the other methods that didn’t produce optimally, I searched for the missing link that made it produce less desirable results. Instead of just criticizing the method that didn’t work properly, I tried to improve them. This “multidisciplinary approach” tremendously increased the rate and magnitude of my results. Along the way I figured out what works and what doesn't and developed a system that gets quick results. I “fused” the various concepts from multiple disciplines that yielded the greatest results for my clients to create a system that empowered them to consistently live and perform closer or at their potential at all times. This system is known as the Fusion Training System.


My passion to helping people in all walks of life has become a desire and commitment.  As a Human Performance Coach I established four goals that must be meet everyday to ensure I’m delivering my best output towards satisfying "the wants" and fulfilling "the needs":  


  • Assist any human being in achieving their optimum physical performance level, while preparing them for a lifetime of fitness. 
  • Tailor my coaching style to the unique needs and learning styles of each client.
  • Provide a safe, fun and appropriate environment for all individuals to take part in.
  • Act as a role model by demonstrating appropriate personal behavior at all times.

As your Performance Coach, I want you to know that you have the right to expect the following from me:   


  • Your investment in my services will always be rewarded with exceptional quality information that will add significantly to your training and will exceed your expectations
  • You'll find me honest, truthful and "up-front" with you at all times. Only programs and strategies that will benefit your greatly will ever be recommended.
  • I will never lose my passion for human enhancement and will continue to deliver information based on the current best that science and real-world experience has to offer

My focus is on lifestyle enhancement. Whatever you’re doing in life, I want to help you do it better. To me everyone is an athlete - even if you don’t play sports, you compete each day in the Game of Life. I want nothing more than to help you and infect others with my enthusiasm about a healthy lifestyle. Allow me to use the FTS to change your life.



Fritzie Villegas 


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