Unlock Your Highest Potential

For Aspiring Fitness Professionals

What is arguably the most critical component in top level athletes looking for the competitive edge? Strength and Conditioning Coaches. 


What is the fastest growing career in the field of sports, fitness and health?

Personal Training. 


Thousands of fitness professionals enter this industry hoping to make their marks as a successful coach/trainer. Unfortunately, most don’t stick around once they realize that a steady pay check in this line of work is tough to come by. Fortunately, I’ve survive that and also do well for myself. With that said, here are My TOP 10 Advice on those seeking a career in this field.

10. COMPETE in something so you can share the competitive mindset with your competitive clientile (weekend warriors, athletes, etc).

9. WORK SMARTER instead of longer. If you train people 12 hours per day, cut back and consolidate your clients into group training sessions. Use the time you’ve freed up to read, call/visit other coaches/trainers/teachers, and do what it takes to make yourself better.


8. BE VERSATILE. Recognize that you’re more than just a strength coach/trainer and be versatile. It's not just about strenght, theres movement preparation, mobility, regeneration strategies, nutrition, speed training, etc. 


7. READ at least two hours per day, especially functional anatomy and biomechanics. Later on broaden that to business, marketing and communication books. Income is temporary; knowledge sticks around forever. (List of my Book Recommendations)


6. SEEK KNOWLEDGE from those who are more knowledgeable than you. Always think that there is a better way to do things. No matter how much you know, theres always going to be somebody who knows more stuff than you.

a.) Steal their ideas, make them your own and then take over the world.

b.) You can just contact them and maybe intern for them.

c.) A and B. Don’t forget to send them a thank-you note.  


5. NETWORK. Surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to do professionally and personally. Surround yourself with successful people and you will become successful.

4. TEACH not TRAIN. Swear less and coach/cue more. Don’t just give them a fish, teach them how to fish. Not everybody you train/teach can be an Olympian so  make sure the focus is making sure that they are making lifestyle changes so they can be improve their life. Excellence is a habit because we are what we repeatedly do. Fitness professionals must instill habits!


3. ASSESS, don't ASSUME. Its important to understand trends in the sports with which you work so your program can avoid the most common injuries but do not put "square pegs in round holes". You must assess every client differently.


2. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Forget the "fancy words, workouts, gadgets", make sure your clients understand the basics first then progress upwards. Im a simpleton so I like easy, quick solutions to problems be it simple or complex. Simplifying = Clarity.

1. DO NOT INJURE YOUR CLIENTS. #1 responsibility in working with an athlete/client is to not f**k them up. #2 responsibility is to provide programming and training/coaching that will prevent injury. Training to enhance performance is #3. In every case, attending to #1 and #2 will always get you started on #3.