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Its almost overwhelming for someone who really had no writing experience going in to have countless of written material released. If you've taken the time to read some or all of them, I can assure you that I'm going to work even harder to further my knowledge base and improve my communication skills so the next hundred piece of writing that I write are even better.  I'm really not as cocky, arrogant, or rude as I sound while writing some of my rants and opinions — but if I didn't write it that way, it wouldn't be very interesting! Every time I write something, I write it with the intent of being both informative and entertaining. My hope is for the wealth of valuable information to be put to use immediately. Its is my firm belief that knowledge are useless unless it is being put to good use. Ideas are just ideas – implement them and they become powerful.


Napolean Hill: "Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only, and if, it is organized into definite plans of actionand directed to a definite end."


My Letter:  A Word from the Creator of FTS

Running List of Articles

An article about the dangers of yoga: A Can of Worms


Article about cardio implications for power and strenght athlete:Breaking Cardio Confusion


Article about how a pitcher should approach the coming season: Deconstructing Pitchers

An article about doing too much cardio: Steady State Cardio SUCKS!  - FTS Inner Circle Article

An article about building healthy ankles: Indestructible Ankles - FTS Inner Circle Article

An article about women lifting "light weights": Fascination With Pink

An article about the typical HS weight training program:HS Program Dissection


 An article about fueling a volleybal player: You Are What You Eat!

An article about training myths: Resistance Training "Bonks" in the Running World

An article about building healthy knees: Bulletproof Knees

An article about implemeting the foam roller for warm up, rehab and cool down: Roll Out - - FTS Inner Circle Article

An article about activitating the most powerful muscle in your body: Hamstring Dominance - FTS Inner Circle Article

An article about ten of the most common biomechanical links in any type of athlete: WeakSauce

An article about the hardest thing to train in high school athletes: Mindset

An article about what not to do at the gym: Donts at the Gym

Some articles are still not uploaded and others can only be viewed if you happen to be one of my paying clients. I welcome all criticism and comments so do not hesitate to let me know how you feel about the topics I've discussed.



Misc. Writing Materials


FV's Bag of Tricks - FTS Inner Circle Article         For Aspiring Fitness Professionals

How to Tell a Winner From a Loser                Things I Didn’t Learn in School


"To The High School Senior"                       



Random Thoughts, Rants, Resolutions and Things I've Learned from 2007

25 Things That Puts A Smile To My Face

Aha Moments: "Holy S#!+!" That Makes Sense - FTS Inner Circle Article

Things That Annoy Me: Pother 

From the 08-09 HS Year: HS Random Thoughts


You think you know … but you have no idea … this is the Diary of Fritzie Villegas


Entry #1 My Story                           Entry #2 What I Can Do For You


Entry #3 My Motivation                     Entry #4 My Mantra


Entry #5 My Philosophy                     Entry #6 Cookie Cutter Program


Entry #7 Work Ethic                               Entry #8 What We Learn After We Know It All

 Entry #9 Salient Point                       Entry #10 Phoenix Theory - FTS Inner Circle Article

 Running Open Letters To The World:  Not For the Faint of Heart (rants to various people)     

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