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Encore to "Project: Fritzie Gets Sexified" …. ExerTWEET

Fact #1: My health is important and as a fitness professional I need to hold myself in a higher standard in terms of getting myself in to shape. Lately it seems like im taking in more responsibilities than I can handle and regretting my personal health.

Fact #2: Alma decided to put her health as the main priority in her life. MAJOR KUDOS!! Im glad I have workout partner. After watching the movie UP, we decided to have our own adventure book.

Fact #3: I get a lot of questions pertaining to what I do to train myself and keep my body in somewhat of a “pretty good”* shape.     

          *all evidence subject to the contrary

Conclusion: Starting today (6/15/09) me and my friend, Alma, decided to hop on the “lets get yoked so girls will want to hang out with us all day” training regiment. This page is dedicated to giving you a daily update of what we did to get our "exercise on" and any fitness & food blurbs we simply just want people to know. We Aptly named it ExerTWEET. I hope you enjoy the contents.


JUNE 15, 2009

6pm Campbell Community Center: started the workout with a huge "food coma" :( ... stretched for 15 minutes then did a 30 minute TRX upper body circuit (ohmyfuckinggodholyshit i cant feel my arms). Did 3 sets of ab exercises and 3 50 meter sprints. Watched a bball game for an hour for body recovery. We were starving by then but still did 15 min of TRX circuit with a core emphasis and 2 sets of hanging abs and some bodyweight row(ohmyfuckinggodholyshit my abs hurt) . Went home and ate .... A LOT! ... Damn! I just gained everything i worked off! Take home message: DO NOT WORKOUT ON AN EMPTY STOMACH

JUNE 16, 2009

7am Campbell Park: One hour bball shootaround. We suck! At least Alma has an excuse ..shes a soccer player ... whats my excuse? DAMN! Ate at Tandorri Oven ... hmmmm - yummy!!! I had a bball game at 8am and Alma has a soccer game at 9pm. ... Fritzie won her game = kudos ; Alma lost her game = load of crap. Alma was depressed and ate her feelings away @Denny's while Fritzie ate a healthy home cook dinner. Another reminder that peoples eating habits are greatly affected by their daily moods.

JUNE 17, 2009

Alma woke up @2pm ... that is not a typo - she was sleeping till 2 in the afternoon!!! To make up for the laziness she did a 20 minute circuit of bodyweight exercises plus some weights then went to work. I, on the other hand, had a million errands to do so didnt get to exercise till my basketball game @night. It suited well for that day since I end up playing a 2nd game cause the other team was short players. Refueled with my all time favorite protein drink ... Banana flavored light Muscle Milk! Before going into a hard bout of exercise eat carbs that are easily ingested (night before that, eat carbs as well) and afterwards, make sure protein is heavy on whatever your post game/exercise meal is.

JUNE 18, 2009

830-9 AM: TRX Suspension Training (Mike sucessfully did 1 push up on it ... pat on a back Mr. I Dont Ever Workout) ; 1030-2pm: Castlerock Park Hiking Trail with Tae, Mo, Mike. Fritzie huff and puff like a "chain smoker",  Tae lead the way and ran like a gazelle, Mo had a throbing heartbeat in her neck, Alma was slower than a snail and Mike survived the company of four girls. Btw, if you set out to do a 4.8 mile hike, make sure you know where youre going .. otherwise, that 4.8 will turn into a 7 mile hike. Jason where are you when I need u?The best thing about going into a hike is eating afterwards. We gorged @ LL Hawaiian BBQ. Then Fritzie and Alma continued their day @ Music in the Park (yummy food, good music, awesome company)... Party @ La Vics ... (lifesaver tip of the month: call your order ahead ... so what if I have La Vics on my speed dial!).

JUNE 19, 2009

6AM: McDonalds Coffee + Bagel + Medicine Ball = imhellasweating = Fritzie

6AM: McDonalds Coffee + Bagel + Camera = lolfritzielooksfunny = Alma 

The day started with Alma taking my "fitness pix" for a manual that im making. I havent done the MB throw in a while so I knew I was going to be sore the next day. We played in the playground afterwards like we were 5 years old and tried to look cool by dunking on a 8ft rim. Then the best part of the day was when we visited the FAT ASS FAN CLUB president , Tracy, in San Mateo to eat at Michoacana (Salvadorian/Mexican food)... Food coma was inevitable!

beans + flautas + rice + lots of pupusas + chips + 3 hungry ppl = restaurantownerveryhappy.

JUNE 20, 2009

7-830AM = BOOT CAMP SESSION = whopping 18 people in our class ... Breakfast  with Tracy @Stacks (chicken alfredo omellete is the shizzzzznet!) ... TRX Training @Campbell Park. There was this "monkey looking person" at Campbell Park doing some crazy ab work, we were so damn inspired! Saw an effective way to do self myofascia massage without foam rollers, sticks, or balls ... use the sprinkler system! Even though the "30 something yr old looked" like a "6 yr old kid playing in the water", what he was doing is a really good recovery and regeneration technique for his body after his workout. It always faascinates me how people react around water... take for example the water fountain @Cesar Chavez park in downtown SJ. On any given day you'll see kids playing in the water for hours!!! Note to all the moms out there: If you ever need some chilax time... take your kids there and just sit in the park and read a book. They wont bother you until they're hungry. 

JUNE 21, 2009

7-830AM = BOOT CAMP SESSION = less stressful than the day before since there was only 6 people on the class... Had a healthy breakfast at Jamba Juice (organic blueberry oatmeal, mango mantra with a protein boost and blueberry lemon bar) ... We split everything in half. If you have a training partner or a friend with similar health and fitness goal as you, try splitting your meal. That way you get alot more variety, less chane of overeating and save some money. Afterwards, I played basketball at Campbell Park and got posterized by a 7 foot 2 white boy (i named him Oak). Heres my excuse: if it was indoors I would have taken the charge, but playing outside makes me second guess sacrificing my body. Alma had two soccer games at night: lost one and won one. Her highlight of the night is running over the wall (literally). Alma did the wall move? RLMAO!

JUNE 22, 2009

At Campbell Community Center: 830AM Coffee + The Stick + Stretching = great start to a morning ... 9AM TRX System + 20lbs Kettleball = we look like roasted pigs ... 1030AM Abs + Interval Running = hungry HUNGRY hippos ... 1130AM Turkey and Avocado Sandwich, Italian Wedding Soup and a GALLON of water = satisfying reward ... and there still half the day remaining. NAP TIME! I went to Spagehetti Facory at night and resisted the urge to order the "ever so yummy for my tummy" Spagehetti Vesuvius. Got Whole Wheat Spagehetti with Marinara Sauce ... excellent choice! When dining at an Italian restaurant, ask for whole wheat pasta if they have it , do not get filled up by eating lots of bread and butter or appetizers, and stay away from any white sauce. If you must have dessert, split it with somebody.

 JUNE 23, 2009

Transformers comes out tonight at midnight!!! We're so excited i'm burning crazy calories just thinking about it. We ate the world famous Marks Hotdogs (its a hut by the cemetary - lol). After eating hot dogs and nachos, doing winshield wipers, ball slams, and barbell swings makes me wanna vomit! Glad I can make you laugh Almalita! I had a basketball game at 9pm. We barely won againts the worst team on the league. That goes to show you that if you cant take anybody forgranted; or they'll sneak up on you whoop your ass. Also, no shit talking before the game - its bad karma. I was actually eating clean the whole day until the movies ... pretzel, icecream, hotdog, Fuze, kettlecorn ... and the food was all gone before the movie even started. Note to self: do not go to the movies hungry. You'll end up spending close to a hundred bucks! Actually, my bro did ... he spoils me!

JUNE 24, 2009

I did not get a decent undisturbed sleep until 1pm on Wed !!! God are you there? Its me, Fritzie... can you please make the day 37 hours instead of 24? Sleep is very important - do not try to emulate my sleeping patterns - you will not survive.  I made up for the bad sleeping day by needed having a good eating day. Mission Accomplished: ate every 4 hours, 3 decent meals and 5 snacks) ... heres the highlights: Breakfast Blend from Blendz, Grilled Chicken and Mashed Potatoes, Instone Pudding with Cashew .. i guess it paid off cause i had enough energy to lift weights after my game. BTW, WE WON on the Wed night league! Were on a 2 game winning streak (thats hella rare!).

Alma is getting ready to go to Arizona for an EPIC long time. Starting tommorow, the format will be a little different until Almalita comes back red from Arizona. She'll be giving me an update on what shes doing up there via pictures.

EXERtweet 2.0

THU - 6/25/09

Gym Barbell/Machine/Cable Workout  @ the Right Stuff

  • Barbell bench press: 3 sets (95 lbs x 10 , 115 lbs x 8, 153 lbs x 6)
  • Stiff leg deadlifts: 3 sets (185 lbs x 8, 205 lbs x 5, 225 x 3)
  • Stability Ball Abs: Circles, Push pike holds, Core Mt. Climbers, Inverted crunch
  • Compound: Bicep Curl, Tricep extension, Straight arm pull down
  • Chops: 3 sets of 15 on Freemotion
  • Pull on lunge posiiton: 4 sets of 8 on Freemotion

Meal of the day: Strawberry Nirvana with a protein boost before working out from Jamba juice

FRI - 6/26/09

Home Bodyweight Workout  (Rocked out to: Dance Gavin )

  • Hip Movements
    • Escapes (30 LR x2), Sprawls (10 L, 10R x 2), Throne (20 LR x 2), 90s with a crunch (30 LR x 2) , Scorpions ( 20 x 1 LR - damn, this is tough for girl! .. i guess i better do Iron Crosses next time)
  • Pull Ups
    • Overhand Grip: 5 x 3 ; Underhand Grip: 8 X 3
  •  Floor Abs: (50 Reverse crunches, 50 LR Russian twist) x 2
  •  Push Ups
    • Regular: 20 x 2  ; Spider 10 LR x 2
  • Core Rotations: Upper Body Rotations (12 x 2), Lower Body Rotation (out of breath!!! 10 LR x 2)

SAT - 6/27/09

Dumbbell Routine   @ the Right Stuff

  • Chest Press 45x3 , Box Squat 45x3 , Row 50x3 , Shoulder Press 40x3 , Hammer Curl 40x3 , Tricep Extension 50x3 , Deadlifts 60x3

Meal of the day: Grilled honey mustard Snack Wrap with no cheese and Fruit and Yougurt Parfait from McDonalds as a snack

SUN - 6/28/09: Recovery Day  = Foam Roll (15 min, Static Stretch 15 min)

MON - 6/29/09: Active Rest Day  = 20 min shoot around , Havoc 1 and 2 demonstration

TUE - 6/30/09: "The Stick" ; 1/2 mile jog ; bball game = won another nail bitter ... still undefeated on the Tue league!

UPDATE FROM ALMA: Its is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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