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Basketball Coaching Philosophy

“I try to see each new season as a new challenge because I have a new team to work with, new opponents to encounter, and often new ideas and theories to try. Any basketball team that I coach will embrace the concept of teamwork, fundamentals and conditioning. All members of the team should have a burning desire to improve on a daily basis. I consider team success more important than individual glory"

Mission: To inspire athletic excellence, discipline, and responsibility by building leadership and teamwork skills in a structured, encouraging, and fun environment.

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Vision: Be it in the classroom, on the court, or in the community; all student athletes will become passionate leaders who seek to be their best in basketball and in life.

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Goal: The ultimate goal is to develop a sound foundation of qualities that will be built progressively to withstand any obstacles that can and will come along on and off the court. The five fundamental qualities that will be develop individually to make every team great are: communication, trust, collective responsibility (personal accountability), discipline and work ethic.


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“Coaching is inspired teaching. The gym is my classroom and the players are my students.”


Core Concepts:

-         If it isn’t broke, fix it anyway: have an open mind by constantly trying to learn

-         Plan your work, work your plan: organization is the heart of good teaching

-         K.I.S.S. Formula: Keep It Simple, Stupid cause simplicity leads to quality

-         Don’t just do it, do it right: repetition is not enough, quality execution is necessary 




I do not believe in “thuggery” and “dirty” players have no place in the sport that I coach. As legendary Coach John Wodden implied, basketball is a game of skill, speed, finesse and chemistry. There’s five individuals working as a cohesive unit, not five executing brutality. However, this doesn’t mean my teams are “soft”. Instead my teams are “aggressors” offensively and defensively. I want my teams to be the predators, not preys; the ones that hunt, not be hunted. My teams are never tentative on both ends of the court. These concepts are implemented by using defense to create early offense. Early offense seeks to create good, quick shots. My teams “sprint to the floor to explore” (notice the word sprint, not run or jog). If early offense doesn’t lead to quality shots then motion offense will be utilized. My version of motion offense teaches my players how to play, not just run plays. What makes my system unique is that instead of running set plays first before a motion offense, I will only run a set play if early offense and motion offense does not lead to quality shots. My set plays are designed to fit the current team personnel and are used on special occasions.


To implement any style of play, I consider practice to be a crucial component in whether teams become successful or not. I want my players to focus on one objective - that is working as hard as they possibly can. I expect my players to be good. Im not going to compliment something that “normal” people would do. With that said, discipline yourself so others won’t need to.


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