Unlock Your Highest Potential


 I love everything about college  (yes, even the classes). Heres my insights on my 4 years of college life. Put it to good use Ms. Allen and dont make me say "i told you so!" 



During college, your life will never be the same again.


1. Biking Under the Influence (BUI) is a real law! In California, a bicycle is considered a moving vehicle (which is why you can’t ride your bike on sidewalks).  It is against the law to ride a bicycle on a street or highway while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  If you are 21 or older, the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit is 0.08; if you’re younger than 21, the BAC limit is 0.01.  The consequences for a BUI are a fine of up to $250 and possible documentation on your driving record (how embarrassing).  If you are under 21, your driving privilege will be suspended for 1 year or delayed for one year once the person is eligible to drive.


2. Sex, skanky costumes, drugs, wild college students, lingerie, riots and all day fun feast. No, this isn't a 1972 Rolling Stones concert, it's what happens during the infamous Isla Vista Halloween parties surrounding UC Santa Barbara. Make the trip, its fascinating! Also, no matter how broke you are - go to a Spring Break destination, preferably Cancun, Panama, Florida.


3. All types of food taste their best after midnight so ordering food at 1am is a common occurrence. If you’re sleeping by 2:30 am, it is considered an early night. As the semester progresses, showers become less important and sleep becomes more important. A Venti Starbucks Coffee and a 2 Litter Diet Coke is not a very good substitute for sleep so during finals have back up batteries for your alarm clock. Schedule your classes wisely; the latter the better.


4. You should have two kinds of shoes: everyday shoes (usually flip flops) and party shoes. Also have a lot of clubbing outfits. Check what the dress code is for the club cause its humiliating to see all your friends go in the club without you. After the club closes, party continues at somebody’s house. Just make sure you stop by La Vics and 7/11 to pick up burritos and beer.  


5. The Freshman 15 is not a myth! Cereal, Top Ramen (uncooked) and Jack and the Box’s “2 tacos for a $1” makes a meal any time of the day. New additions to the food groups: Mountain Dew, Doritos, Ben & Jerry's, Ho-Hos and Oreos. Quarters are like gold so hang on to them (for laundry and splurging on the mini mart).


6. The “Walk of Shame” is embarrassing enough. Sometimes, saying you feel asleep at the library works as an excuse as long as you don’t smell like alcohol, cigarettes and have “sex hair”.  Avoid the post-Halloween Walk of Shame where people head home still wearing their costumes from the night before.


7. During college, it is extremely common for couples to break up over Thanksgiving break (“Turkey Drop”), no matter how long they thought they'd be together at the beginning of the relationship. Much of this is simply due to hormone-addled lust and the sudden rush of freedom that comes during the first few months away from home. Even couples who have been dating each other since high school are not immune from the turkey drop, especially if they are in a long-distance relationship because they don't attend college together. Don’t worry, it’ll be ok because in college, you are NEVER alone.


8. You become a juggler with the balance between school, friends, girls/guys, activities, work, parties. You begin to realize that college is about the ideal lifestyle, except for those pesky classes. You get good at rationalizing on whether to do homework or not (usually not), procrastination becomes an art and you get really good with excuses for skipping class. For the record people still cheat, it's just more technologically advanced.


9. Join an intramural team whenever you get a chance. Girls dig it and you meet really cool people. Ladies, theres loads of guys there. By the way, frisbee becomes a contact sport so be prepared to come home with a black eye. In fact, any game can be made into a drinking game so be prepared to come home drunk with a black eye be it from intramurals or just playing catch in front of the student center.


10. In college, it never suck so much to get sick - you miss out on so much things. Frat parties are exactly like they are in the movies (watch Van Wilder). You'll end up drinking anything that’s free and card games will last for hours. You’ll also find out what beer sludge is. The best cure for a hangover is Gatorade and Jamba Juice.


11.Three Must Haves: Kinkos Card, Squirt Gun, Bike/Skateboard/long board. Printers only break down when you desperately need them - so get a Kinkos Card. Buy a squirt guns cause it’ll offer stress relief. You almost forget how to drive so buy a bike/skateboard/long board.


12. In college, you'll realize so many people are smarter than you (and they can party all night and still pass their classes with flying colors). Nerds and smart people are actually cool in college, in fact hot girls talk to nerds – all the time. Do not burn bridges, especially if hes good in science. Have an open mind and meet as many people as you can (you must make friends with the International Students, especially the French girls). Amongst your cirlce of friends, e-mail and text messaging becomes the second language so never leave your dorm without checking your email and charging your phone.

13. Professors are like celebrities: you see them, but they never see you.  If you plan on missing classes, make sure you have a copy of the green sheet. Everything that is due is written on that green sheet. Do not fail a class because you realize how great your “hellish summer job” was once you have to study in the summer. Although, remember these words: you can always retake a class, but you can never relive a party.


After college, your life will never be the same again.