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Tax Day 1 Month Anniversary

Tommorow is going to be May 15th… do you remember what you were doing a month ago on this very day? ... I do …  I was recovering from the manic depression that inevitably comes with paying the government 1/3 of my income.   In fact, I was so depressed about I stayed at home that night and watch an episode of One Tree Hill. (45 minutes, and one pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream later). Conclusion?  Worst show about a hill.  Ever.

In honor of that day, I figured I’d brainstorm and conjure up some alternative reasons to tax people; albeit fitness related. State Representative Pam Richardson can think of asinine ways to try to use our tax money (i.e. paying for illegal immigrants to vote, attain drivers licenses and apply for free tuition )… so I decided I could come up with some equally retarded reasons to tax people.  Accept in my case, it’s perfectly logical.

Thou is Taxed If:

  1. You are ever caught training a perfectly healthy client on a BOSU ball.
  2. Your name is Tracy Anderson. You’re friends with Tracy Anderson. You’re ever in the same room as Tracy Anderson.
  3. You aren’t making some effort to work on tissue quality. 
  4. You still do static-stretching before playing basketball/volleyball
  5. You squat in a Smith Machine.  Worse still, if you’re a trainer and teach all your clients how to squat in a Smith Machine.  Pure laziness in my opinion.
  6. You still believe there’s such a thing as “power” yoga. 
  7. You aren’t including at least some form of direct “core” training in your programming.  Those who say all you need is to squat and/or deadlift are missing the boat entirely.
  8. You’re skipping breakfast.  EPIC fail.
  9. You never have time to train, but for some reason, you were able to watch last night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars.
  10. You think that the Nintendo Wii is a viable form of exercise.

That’s all I can think of for now.  I need to go lift heavy stuff. 


Warning: youre about to see the most gruesome knee injury – both visually and medically – in recent history. Given Shaun Livingston’s age (21) and “fragile” 6-7 frame, many supporters of the NBA’s new age minimum restrictions are quick to assert that this injury would not have happened if Livingston had been forced to wait longer to enter the NBA. Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports wrote a detailed piece on the topic.

As a strength coach who has worked  with basketball players, I can say without wavering that this couldn’t be further from the truth; chronological age had nothing to do with Livingston’s injury. Physical maturity, training experience, and – presumably – ignorance of previous injuries and imbalances did. What seems to be lost in the details is that the Clippers guard also had a stress reaction in his lower back and pre-existing ankle problems; any of the best coaches and physical therapists in the business will all tell you that dysfunctions are almost never isolated.Stress reactions are commonly the result of repeated hyperextension of the lumbar spine secondary to poor core stability and hip mobility (not to mention that the typical NBA spine is a LOT longer than that of the Average Joe). As part of this dysfunction, the gluteal muscles fail to fire sufficiently, and they lack the strength and activation level to decelerate “knock-knee,” internal rotation forces in landing – just like the one that ended Livingston’s season. When you lack mobility at the hips and ankles (most basketball players have terrible ankle mobility due to high-top sneakers and ankle taping), the knee (a joint that should just be a stable hinge) develops instability to create mobility. He could easily have developed chronic hip or knee pain; a traumatic injury got him first. Put a 1983 Buick engine in a 2007 Ferrari body, and you’ve got the typical NBA athlete.

When it comes to injuries, the basketball culture is reactive, not proactive. Unlike sports like football, hockey, and baseball that have embraced dedicated off-season conditioning programs (not to mention resistance-training from an early age), the basketball community – from the youth leagues right up to the NBA – has yet to appreciate how valuable a role strength and conditioning can play in preventing injuries like Livingston’s. Rather than preventing the injuries by participating in dedicated off-court off-season training programs, most basketball players go right back to playing street ball, AAU hoops, or NBA summer leagues – all the while reinforcing the imbalances they’ve developed. Everyone wants to compete, but nobody wants to train or even rehab. Apparently, alley-oops and crossover dribbles are a lot more “sexy” than lifting weights and doing flexibility drills – at least until you rupture an ACL, MCL, PCL, patellar tendon, and lateral meniscus on a lay-up. Karl Malone was notorious for his rigorous off-season lifting regimen, and he was quite possibly the most durable player in the history of the league. Entering the NBA at a young age wasn’t a problem for Lebron James – and it should come as no coincidence that he was resistance training for years before his arrival to the NBA at age 18. I once had a 15 year-old, 172-pound high school shortstop front squat 275 for an easy single, then vertical jump 25.5 inches and box squat 285. Do you mean to tell me that he won’t be ready for professional sports physically in three years? Please!

The NBA doesn’t need to institute age restrictions; it needs to take the initiative to develop a culture – independent of age – where players start training smart and taking care of their bodies.

 Read my article on Bulletproof Knees


Jargons To Jasper


  • Opaque,  impure variety of silica, usually red, yellow, brown or green in color (blue is rare)
  • Meaning "spotted or speckled stone" in Greek.
  • A town in Alabama, Indiana, Tennessee and Texas
  • BVAL Mt. Hamilton’s Division’s Basketball Senior of the Year and future volleyball star for the SF Gators.

1. Things That I Dislike: I dislike the fact that you can see the top of my head when im standing next to you. I dislike the fact that you can block shots.I dislike the fact that you’re not playing college ball.

2. If your coach tells you to stretch before you play then that is roughly on par with paying someone to bang your head against a wall when you have a headache. Read the following pages and thank me later: Movement Preparation Vball Manual

3. Don’t multitask. It’s a silly word and a silly idea. By this I don’t mean texting, watching MTV, and eating at the same time. That’s multirelaxing, not multitasking. It’s okay to do, as long as you never use the word multirelaxing. But don’t try to do your HW while you’re talking to your parents. Do each separately and perfectly rather than at the same time and, at best, adequately. Oh, and speaking of multitasking, people – please - stop using your phone while you’re driving. Keep it up and eventually you’re going to hurt somebody (I hope that last sentence doesn’t pertain to you)

4.There comes a time in everybody’s life when they realize that mediocre just isn’t going to get it done. They will wake up in the morning, sleep-walk through the day, and then come home - only to fall asleep and do it all over again.  There just isn’t something that makes them want to jump out of their seat and bust a move to the music of life! Until they find the mojo that defines their destiny.  Find your mojo!

5. Incorporating a very simple sleeper stretch daily can dramatically reduce the risk of shoulder problems (translation: you will be able to continue to playing volleyball pain free for a very long time). Also, check this stretch out.

6. I could eat an entire 20-pound lobster in one sitting and then be hungry 15 minutes later.  Lobster alone never fills me up; I’m a surf and turf guy. Oh, and on a semi-related note, I challenge you to a Burrito eating contest at Iguanas.

7. Last week in the Enchantees Basketball tournament, you put together three very impressive basketball games. Unlike putting breast milk in ice cream, that is an awesome accomplishment. … Talk about the two ends of the human emotion continuum … Lets hope that continues for the Zebra tournament.  

Senseless Digressions

1. The Swine Flu has hit San Jose … I’m going to filter out the retardedness (yes, I made up that word) and put things into perspective.  IT’S THE FREAKIN FLU people.  While I do feel horrible that people have died,  it’s not like this is Swine Cancer, Swine Ebola, or worse yet- Swine Paris Hilton. It’s just the flu.  Every year roughly 36,000 people die from influenza, so it’s not like this is anything new. For those who are still in panic mode about whether or not you may be infected, I encourage you to check out this very informative website:  doihavepigflu.com.  Who needs the CDC anyways?

2. I’ve noticed an alarming trend at Campbell Park … people are jogging while talking on their cell phones.  It’s bad enough that they’re jogging in the first place (run sissy!), but come on, a cell phone!?!  Do these people honestly think they’re getting any benefit at all?  I burn more calories opening a can of tuna. What’s next? Someone jogging past me watching a movie on their portable dvd player?

3. I’ve mentioned several times that a glenohumeral internal rotation deficit can be one contributing factor to medial elbow injuries in overhead throwing athletes. Michaela, asked me if I had any scientific evidence to support this idea (good job private school education, way to teach them student-athletes).  The answer would be a resounding hell to the yes. Very simply, if you lack internal rotation, you’ll go to the elbow to “regain” that lost range-of-motion.  It’s the same reason that ankle mobility deficits can lead to knee pain, and hip mobility deficits can lead to knee and lower back pain. (I hope my bball players will read this entry, it’ll save them a lot of pain)

4.I woke up today and this are the first things that pop into my head:  I can’t figure out which is manlier- Derek Rose doing leg curls or Jillian Michaels’ kankles (please, discuss that amongst yourself. … Somebody, please send a massive text to everybody in your contact list and relay this message: Fritzie’s shoulder hurts.  Can anyone come over Fritzie's house and make her a sandwich?

5. Read this! : Not that!

6.  I was in Whole Foods yesterday, and as I was leaving the checkout line, the clerk muttered, “stay focused.”  Which got me thinking that I need a catch phrase too.  I spent the better half of yesterday afternoon trying to come up with a few, and here’s what I’ve got thus far.  “Yo!” ; “Wiggidy wiggidy check yoself, before you wreck yoself” ; “Have a nice day” … Or my favorite: “THIS! IS! SPARTA!!!!”

7. Faith vs. Reason. People are going to believe what they want even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Sadly, this even results in people getting upset by the mere presentation of data that contradicts a belief. In the supplement world, if you add in the fact that the placebo effect accounts for >60% of the resulting effect, you’re just asking for people to freak out.

8. Congratulations to all the Fusion Training System athletes who signed letters of intent to their respective colleges. I should be expecting a medium t-shirt with your college logo on it. Speaking of t-shirts, check out the FTS Gears currently on circulation. If you want to buy one, drop me a line.

9. I’m not a fan of Vitamin Water. Vitamin Water = It drives Fritzie bat-shit crazy. High-school kids drink it non-stop and think the added nutrients to it outweigh the problems associated with downing those nutrients with a bunch of simple sugar. Actually, most kids don’t even know that it’s loaded with “crystalline fructose;” they just think it’s regular water and someone just dissolved a Flintstones chewable into it and made it taste good. You know what? Even though most young athletes eat terribly, they still get plenty of vitamins, for the most part. They also get plenty of fructose - so there’s certainly no need to supplement that. On that note, I love this article, I m glad somebody is listening to me

10. Last week, I had a horrible surfing accident, insane migraine and got a heavy dose of elbow on my right cheekbone… within a two hour span. You never truly realize how many people you know until they all try to email/call/text you at once to say “hope you feel better”.  With my cell phone and email inbox going crazy, I kind of felt like Jerry Maguire - minus the whole weird scientology and jumping on Oprah’s couch stuff.

Rants of the Week

1. Mr. Taylor* [*(name changed to protect the individual)] has been pushing all year to “label” Zach as having ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).  In the teacher’s words, “Zach often loses focus and lacks discipline throughout the day.”  Weird how that happens when you have a school system that only allots 15 minutes per day of recess, and only requires a minimum of three days per week of physical education (which I assume are 30-45 minutes each). I’m 25, and even I need more than 15 minutes of recess per day or I’m running around like a bat out of hell with scissors in my hands and eating paste for lunch.  Seriously though, what six year old kid doesn’t “lose focus” at some point during the day?  There are only so many times you can sing Old McDonald Had a Farm or listen to some old hag read I don’t know, The Bernstein Bears Go On a Picnic before you want to go off and do your own thing.  Maybe it’s just me, but I think It’s a sad state of affairs that we have gone to such lengths to put biomotor learning/skill development/recreation (which helps promote BOTH) on the back-burner in our education system, and we then wonder why kids’ attention spans aren’t up-to-par.  We have teachers and other school administration pushing psychologists to diagnose these kids with learning disabilities such as ADD/ADHD at a pace never seen before.  Not to mention we’ve had to rename adult-onset diabetes to type-II diabetes, because we now have children as young as eight developing it.  Of course, the obvious solution to the problem is to medicate these kids and/or place labels on them.  Conversely, we could just you know, let them be kids, and allow them to go outside and play for more than 15 minutes a day. Just a thought. What do you think?

Mr. Taylor* is an idiot and he makes me mad.

2. Twitter seems to be the new rage these days. I’ll be honest: I don’t know what it is, and the word “Twitter” really evokes the same kind of emotions from me as the “anal leakage” warnings on the old Olestra packages. Plus, I have to say that the minute-by-minute Twitter updates some people give are flat-out stupid:[*(name changed to protect the individual)]

Fred* is twittering. He’s going to get a drink of water.
Fred*  is twittering. The water wasn’t cold, so he got some ice from the freezer.
Fred*  is twittering. The freezer made his nipples hard, and he’s strangly aroused.
Fred*  is twittering. Is thirst a more important sensation than his nipple arousal?
Fred*  is twittering. Maybe if he spent less time on the internet, he might kiss a girl sometime before he dies.

Seriously, Fred* ; nobody cares. If you can twitter that much, you really aren’t important enough for any of us to give a s**t.

Fred is an idiot. Twitter makes me mad!!!

Conclusion: So, in hopes of turning my day around, I’m going to post this video and make myself happy because I know I’m smarter than this girl.


Miscellany Monday Thoughts

1. The only thing that warrants any discussion is MARCH MADNESS.  North Carolina (Mens) and UCONN (Womens) are going to go out and dominate on Monday and Tuesday.  This includes the cheerleaders, mascots, fans, and hot-dog vendors… I predicted Tennessee (w) getting beat on the first round, Michigan State (w) shocking Ohio State, Villanova (m) beating Pittsburg and Michigan State (m) beating UCONN. But I didn’t predict in a million years that Louisville was going to beat Maryland and Oklahoma. Damn!... Baller Alert: Wayne Ellington and Whitney Hand.

2. One-sided back pain is almost always related to a lack of hip external rotation and hip extension range of motion.  If your hip doesn’t externally rotate sufficiently, you’ll compensate by rotating more at your lumbar spine.  If you don’t have terminal hip extension (thanks to glutes that actually fire), you’ll compensate with lumbar hyperextension.  Extension-rotation syndromes are a good 80% of lower back problems.  Work on hip mobility and stabilize the lumbar spine, and you’ll be golden.  Aggressive soft tissue work with the foam roller and lacrosse ball is useful on the TFL/IT band, quads, adductors, piriformis, and gluteus medius. For others, the rotational deficit will be in internal rotation.  If you just got lost in the scientific jargon, just hire me!

3. Can somebody tell me why in the world Michael Vick wants to give up a potential return to the NFL to become a construction worker … and why any construction company would actually hire Michael Vick … and why this is even qualifies as news?  It seems like a lose-lose-lose situation for everybody.

4. New Website Content: HS Random Thoughts and Boot Camp Information

5. I was asked the other day what I thought of online master’s programs, and here was my response: My first recommendation, above all, is that if you want to do graduate school, you should absolutely, positively do it IN-PERSON, if possible.  There are a lot of online master’s programs, but none of them hold a candle to the experience that is graduate school.  I’m not too fond of the online master’s degrees in the fitness field. Exercise Science really is a hands-on discipline; a large portion of the master’s degree should be about experiencing things.  At the in-person graduate school, you would have daily interactions with varsity athletes, the best professors in the country, and experienced researchers in the human performance lab.  The coursework would be valuable, but was secondary to the tremendous benefit you would get from those opportunities.  You just can’t get that online. The online master’s route may be appropriate for someone who is already working in a position - such as collegiate or professional sports - where those experiences are already taking place.  If you opt to go the online master’s route, I’d also highly recommend you apply for an internship somewhere under someone who is doing what you’d like to do. You have to look at this as an INVESTMENT, not an expense. With all that said, there are a lot of great coaches out there who don’t have Master’s degrees – but they’ve picked up the slack with tons of reading, building huge networks, and interning under other coaches who have gone before them. So, at the very least, put yourself on academic quarantine as often as possible to get some reading done, and seek out those who are doing what you’d like to do – and doing it well. (no offense, Coach O, I mean this with the outmost respect for you).

6. Is this an insult or a compliment: You remind me of House? You’re the female Brody! 

7. Apparently, age-related mental decline begins as early as age 27.  I turn 27 on September 21, 2011 - so I guess you could say that the good news is that this website will get a lot more interesting once I’m senile (assuming I can even remember the log-in information).

8. Not Awesome: Bravo’s the Workout will have a 3rd season ; Awesome: Real World Road Rule Challenge is back ; Very Awesome: Kate Voegele