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I'm often asked  how I come up with all the ideas for "these emails". Well, everywhere I look I get a new idea. In all seriousness, I could write about a dozen a day. Anyway, when I saw this last night I knew I had to share it with you. Yes, I'm one of those people who watches American Idol. And the reason I do is for moments EXACTLY like what happened last night (4/15/08). It is rare when you can see the EXACT moment a person's dream come true. But I witnessed it last night. And I immediately knew I would share it with you. 
When the singer, David Cook, hears the comments from the judges you literally watch with your own eyes the reaction of a man who has seen his dream come true. Read that again. You literally watch with your own eyes the reaction of a man who has seen his dream come true. And you witness the very instant it happens. It's one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. It doesn't matter if you can't stand the show. 

If you're not inspired by it, well, you might want to have someone slap the paddles on you and shock your heart back to life.

Have a superb Wednesday.

- Fritzie


Happy Friday!


Me and my dad don’t have the “best” relationship but we had a heart-to-heart conversation yesterday. My dad said his life changed forever on September 21, 1983. That's the day I was born. Since then, he saw everything in a different light. Especially his health. He wanted to be around for a long time to see me grow up (LONGEVITY).

Fitness sometimes gets a bad rap. It's usually marketed as something superficial (you know, the six pack abs, flat tummy, etc.). The industry is filled with gimmicks and infomercials with absolute crap (i.e. I'm just trying to get in shape to LOOK good). But fitness is MORE than that. Fitness is about preventing illness, preventing disease, having more energy, living a longer life (LONGEVITY), feeling good from the inside and out.

Unfortunately, PREVENTION doesn't sell nearly as well as weight loss. That's why we're always bombarded with weight loss products. The good news is YOU have complete control over your health. I don't care if you work 15 hours a day, you can squeeze in a 10 minute workout twice a day. I don't care of McDonalds offers you a 80 oz cup of soda, you can say NO. (or better yet, just skip McDonalds all together)

PRIORITIZE!!! Put your health first. Take control of your fitness and you can take control of your life.

Hope you have a GREAT weekend. And to all the dads - Happy Father's Day. May you celebrate many, many more...

Train Hard, Play Hard, Rest Hard.

All the best,



Good Morning,


How To Score Touchdowns


You don't score touchdowns by worrying about how far you have to move the ball. You put points on the board by focusing on an objective, seeing yourself where you want to be - then hauling ass to get there. You don't complain when times are tough. Nor do you expect anyone or anything else to do the job for you - but you willingly and graciously accept help when it comes. Sometimes help comes in mysterious ways, so be open to it. Even so, remember what my HS coach told me, "Don't expect God to get you out of bed in the morning."


Train Hard, Work Hard, Rest Hard …… then Expect Success.


All the best,



This morning, I was taking a taxi from the San Jose airport to Sunnyvale. The driver was insanely rude. First off, a friend of mine was trying to give him directions and he actually got mad claiming he knows his way around the area. Todays email is inspired by that driver. Thereafter, he ranted on how much he hated his job.

"Do you want paper or plastic?" Everyday at 4pm that was the start of another miserable afternoon. I don't think I could have hated my life more back then. Like many others, I used to work in a different industry. Yes, I worked for PW Supermarket bagging groceries after every groceries. Some afternoon it was dealing with problems and complaints. I'd just sit there thinking to myself, "There's got to be more to life than this." Now some people might love that job and that's cool with me. I just couldn't take it. Three months of it was three months too many. But it gave me such enormous appreciation for what I do now. I'm now glad I went through that period of my life because it makes me so much more grateful for how things are today. And trust me; it has taken me years to get to this point. 

Do you think the person who wants to take a pill and drop 50 pounds is any different from the person who wants to get rich overnight? I just always knew things were going to get better. I just always moved - and still do - in the direction of my dreams. I haven't had a hard life in comparison to the vast majority of the people on this planet. Not even close. But I still know what it's like to be miserable. I still know what it's like to work at a job you can't stand.

If you're reading this email I'm pretty certain you have an opportunity to improve your life to a far greater degree than most people. To not try and make your dreams come true would be a sin... Step-by-step...Day-by-day... Action-after-action... I'm here to tell you dreams do come true. This former bagger is living proof that you can turn your dreams into a reality.

Have a great MONDAY.

Stay Strong,

Fritzie Villegas


April is here. You know what that means .... your monthly newsletter of the month from your has arrived. I know a fortune cookie isn’t exactly a chock full o' nutrition, but I ate one yesterday. This is EXACTLY what it said: "The small steps you take will ultimately bring you a great fortune." That's one smart cookie.


We live in an instant gratification society. Many people try something to get rich overnight. When it doesn't work they quit. Yes, like it or not, there are many quitters in this world. There are many who would like success to be handed to them. They are unwilling to take the small step after small step after small step that will lead them down the path to the pot of gold.


Now let me be clear: There is a difference between a quitter and someone who fails. A quitter fails and gives up. Someone who fails has two choices. They can: a - quit b- learn from their failure and press on by taking small step after small step after... Something else to realize is that after many small steps you start to take HUGE steps. Things get much easier. You learn which steps to take. You learn which steps to skip.


If you listen to my fortune cookie your dreams will come true. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not for a couple years. But someday, for certain.


Enjoy Newsletter #4. Feel free to circulate the message.


All is best,





I'm writing you this email under the assumption you have dreams. Really BIG dreams. If you don't have any, well, I really cannot help you. But if you do, please pay very close attention.


What would happen if each and every day you made two significant steps in the direction of those dreams? Just two. Over the course of one year you would be 730 steps closer to them. Again, I'm talking about BIG dreams. The kind that don't happen - as much as we would like them to - overnight.


In just two years you would be 1460 steps closer. Now I have no idea how many steps it is going to take to get you there. I just want you to see from my simple math how much easier it is than most think.


And I'll let you in on a little secret: When YOU start moving in the direction of your dreams THEY start taking steps towards YOU.


Work Hard, Train Hard. Rest Hard.


Have a GREAT day.




As a Human Performance Coach, I've heard EVERY excuse in the book. I don't have time. (you do have 4 minutes)...I'm tired. (get over it)...I don't want to get bulky. (that's a myth)...I can't afford a treadmill. (walk outside)


I was browsing Strength Coach morning and one of the members posted this incredible video to remind me how YOU are really capable of anything. And I mean ANYTHING.


Take a few minutes & watch this video.


All the Best,




Two days ago I was at a UPS store, waiting in line to ship a couple of packages. The guy in front of me had a really small box to ship and said it's a motorcycle part he's returning. He mentioned the company he bought the part from is going to pay the air bill for the return. The person at the UPS counter explained they cannot ship that from the store (something to do with billing to an account for an air shipment...) So he could either pay for it himself at the store OR drive to the main UPS center to ship it there. That center was a good 20-25 minute drive away. So guess what he did… He left the store and was going to make the drive…Insane! So instead of shelling out $5, he is spending at least $4 to $5 in gas PLUS taking about AT LEAST an hour out of his day (25 minutes each way plus waiting on line). I'm willing to bet most people would have done the same thing he did. I just don't get it. Time is the most valuable asset you have. We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

It's the same thing with the aerobic vs. anaerobic training debate. Why spend 30 minutes or even an hour doing ineffective slow aerobic training when you can get an ever better benefit from shorter high intensity workouts.

People ask me all the time how I can do so many things yet still have abundant free time. My secret sauce: I guard my time like a watchdog. I NEVER waste time.  Cherish your time. Value it. Save it. Do not waste it.
Stay strong,



I watched an interview on ESPN last night with Tiger Woods. He was asked what keeps him motivated. What prevents him from "hitting the snooze button" and just relaxing a bit. Tiger was kind of stunned by the question. Essentially he answered that he didn't know any other way. He doesn't understand how you could do anything else but to keep striving to be better. And when they asked him who was better, him or Jack Nicklaus, he confidently answered, "Me." Asked to explain himself he said, "You have to believe in YOURSELF, don't you?" He wasn't arrogant about it. Just confident.... Want more. Be more. Do more.

Take home message: As cliché as it sounds ... CONCIEVE, BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE!

All is best,