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For whatever reason, the general population just doesn't take the science of exercise seriously. They really believe that all they need is a few tips here and there to get the body of their dreams. They think doing a little jogging or taking some ridiculous Jazzercise class is the way to go. People will spend a fortune getting their car fixed, but won't pay a dime for professional advice about getting their body in decent condition.


A friend of mine said this to me last week “Fritz – you already provide great tips and strategies why would I ever hire you? Now you have a website, I can just get everything for FREE there.” After I put my friend in an arm bar and made him say “Fritzie is the queen of the universe 10x” I told him I know a lot MORE than I’m giving away so imagine what you’ll get if you actually paid for the services.


I’ve seen people in a gym with NO clue on what they're doing. They have no plan, just going machine to machine aimlessly. They have no idea about the true roles of nutrition, cardio and strength training. I can't help it but to educate them on what they are doing wrong. Im teaching them, at times at no charge, because it truly is in the best interest of the general population. People are amazed and completely appreciative to learn the reasons they haven't been seeing results. If they really want to know EXACTLY how to do things right, I trust that my supporters and believers will pay for it. The ones who won't are the ones who will go off in search of the next great tip.


Train Hard, Work Hard, Rest Hard.



Weekly Gobbledygook



I was told, a group of disgruntled runners running at Alum Rock Park this morning yelled at a group of my endurance athletes (donned in their “brand new” FTS Shirts). "Watch out for the ‘Fusers’ they create mini dust typhoons (in reference to the sprint work) …they would never be able to last a long distance run…” First off, thank you for coming up with a “catchy” name for my clients… the “Fusers!” … its slowly growing on me. Second off, "misinformed" runners can benefit from this email so pelase forward it to all the doubters.


Since its illegal to beat my critics with an a book, I wrote a special article and composed an “Endurance Athlete FAQ” page to provide some “ammo” when a “clueless/misguided runner” gives you a hard time for training unconventionally.


To the “skeptical/disgruntled” runners: I know what you’re thinking: “Fritzie is just another meathead who doesn’t run telling me what to do. We’ve had lots of pigheaded “gurus” like this over the years, and none of them understands us.”  Some “die-hard runners” and so called running experts think I have no business training endurance athletes for various reasons. I don’t train the way a “typical” endurance athlete would. I run hill sprints, I spend a lot of time in the weight room, I “pencil in” my runs, I devote a lot of cross training days and I spend an insanely amount of time training the brain. In a sport of running, the biggest competitor is you. Therefore, it only makes sense that if one trains the brain successfully, then the rest will simply follow.


Criticize me all you want but my results speaks for themselves. Tomorrow (July 27, 2008) a total of 38 individuals are starting their FTS Endurance Training Programs. Over half of them are “repeat” clients and eleven are undertaking their first ever FTS half marathon/marathon training programs.


Reminder FTS Endurance Athletes:

Write your goals (you have to know where your going), say your mantra everyday (attitude determines how much you’ll get done in a day) and have fun. Discomfort is a big part of training. Go with the flow, enjoy the process and eventually you’ll embrace the pain and confidence will emerge that you are capable of anything.


Today is a beautiful day, Im going on a bike ride. I challenge you to go outside and enjoy the sun as well.


Tackle Your Fear,


ELITE Athletes

I see everybody as an athlete, if your not competing in any sports, you still compete everyday in the game of life – so believe that you are an ELITE ATHLETE engineered to be successful in anything you put your mind on


Some very exciting news -- for me at least – this morning I set a new record in  my stair running routine, 18 reps, in 10:05.  If you are just joining us, what Im talking about is a little challenge of my own design.  Over by the stadium, theres a flight of steps, 30 in all, with two landings. I sprint up the top of one side, then over, then down the other side, then back to the starting point -- thats one "rep".  I first brought up this kind of training back on May 30th when my record was 16 reps, a few weeks later I broke 17 and last night set the new mark... And what do I attribute my success to? 


Sticking with it, eating a balanced diet, consistent training, a "success" mindset and simply taking the necessary actions which make it possible -- the very same factors which will enable success in anything else you put your hand to. 19 reps will be tough, so will 20, but its doable.  Using the above model, its really just a matter of time... as it is for any goal with constant, incremental improvement.


For those athletes who currently think their programs are a “breeze”:Don’t try to do too much, your programs are written to avoid mental and physical burnout, it starts out easy but there’s weeks where you probably want to assassinate me.


For those athletes who currently want to assassinate me: Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.


Updates: when one door closes (SBAC), another one opens (LEIGH HS)… Thank you for everybody who continually supports and believes in me.


Train hard,

Fritzie Villegas

Warm Up - FTS STYLE!

Good Afternoon,


Generally speaking, younger people can get away with a lot less of a warm-up than older people and people with postural and mobility restrictions need more of a warm-up then people whose body is in good working order. Nonetheless, warm ups are important to individuals of all types of ages and skill levels.


Static stretching has been a staple part of warm ups. Lately, I’ve walked in a lot of gyms and saw teams sitting in circle for several minutes performing static stretching, before they launch into their training or practice sessions. Countless research shows that this might not be the best way to prepare.


As part of my training system I utilize “mobility drills and “activation” movements to warm up the body as oppose to static stretching. Essentially, they teach often-dormant muscles to fire at the right times to normalize the muscle balance, improve performance, and reduce the risk of injury.  Collectively, mobility and activation drills are called Movement Preparation under the Fusion Training System.


Take your warm up seriously today as it dictates how the rest of your workout will go.  


Train Hard, Work Hard, Rest Hard



Fritzie Villegas

Short and To The Point!

9.69 seconds - That was the new world-record time set by Usain Bolt in the 100 meter dash this week at the Olympics. As a former member of the track team and a competitive athlete, let me tell you how much that one race just changed an entire sport forever - and how this directly
relates to you.

First, in sprinting, it's been common knowledge  that most elite sprinters are around 5'10" and shorter. That's just the way it's always been. If you were  taller, you would usually do a different event like the hurdles or high jump. But Usain is 6'5" - he literally dwarfs all  the other sprinters. And yet, he just shattered the world record.Now, I can bet you all coaches will look at athletes differently for sprinting....Think about how this relates to life.

We are always put into a certain mold. We are conditioned at an early age to believe certain myths as "truths". If your parents were fat, you will be fat..... You should just look for a job with good benefits to be "secure". Listen to your voice deep down in your soul. NEVER let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. There really are no limits.

Stay strong,

Fritzie Villegas

Back from the Dead

Hey Gang,


As many of you know, August have been a super busy month for me, one filled with many sleepless nights. Nonetheless, I woke up this morning and just felt fantastic and my mind started churning. I’m throwing down some knowledge bombs today folks! CNN has nothing on me!! Aside from Sunday’s short message from your Coach I have not sent out any emails (random thoughts, motivation, mindless digressions, gobbyldecok, etc) or replied to any online questions. My sincere apologies (feel free to throw your shoes on my face when you see me). To make it up to you and to make sure my inbox wont "explode" anytime soon I decided to reacquaint my backside to my computer chair. I’ve organized all my “August thoughts, rants, raves, motivational quotes, advice and answers to clients question” on one place, click here to view it.  


For those asking for my thoughts/opinions on the Olympics, I will compile my response on to one document as most of you guys are asking me stuff pertaining to the same topics. Check back sometime this week on Jot Sheet 8 for my repsonse.  Do not expect to get individualized email from me pertaining to your "Olympic" questions. Speaking of the Olympics, does anyone understand a word that Bella Karolyi is saying? AND can someone please tell me how synchronized diving was retained as an Olympic sport while baseball and softball are being kicked to the curb?


New Content on Website:

Movement Prep Page, Jot Sheet 5, HS Program Dissection, Jot Sheet 8 , New Entry on Letters


Till next time,


Fritzie Villegas