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Quick notes but theres still definitely plenty of content for everybody here.


1. Congratulations to Fusion Training System Athletes Ashley and Pierre, who got engaged over the weekend after 87,3202 years of dating. At the pace they’re going, they should be married in the spring of 3049. Pierre couldn’t out-deadlift me and Ashley couldn’t out-bench me – and both surely isn’t going to even come close to me in the basketball court – so they decided to beat me to eternal bliss.


2. Attention volleyball players:

Your sport requires you to "look up" for majority of the time. Stretch your sternocleidomastoid! Broken necks are no fun, so make sure to be gentle. Also noteworthy of reading: You Are What You Eat


3. I managed to convince the new high school pitcher Im training that the YMCA dance is good for shoulder health (Y=lower trap activation, M=pec minor stretch, C=external rotator stretch, A=lat stretch). He totally went for it - but when I asked him if he knew the dance, he looked at me like I had two heads. I guess I'm finally getting old and recognizing the generational gap between my high school guys and I.


4. When people talk, listen completely.  Most people never listen. It’s the one skill that separates extraordinary friends from ordinary friends and exceptional employees from average employees. Listening isn’t simply done with your ears — it takes your eyes, your body language, your mind, and your heart. Great listeners absorb the other person’s thoughts and feelings and empathize with the person’s situation. Rather than simply hearing the words, you need to hear their purpose.


5. Effective Immediately - any trainer/coach seen advocating sprinting to their 40 lb overweight client is subject to random acts of torture which include, but not limited to:

  • Being forced to listen to every 16 year old kid girl who has watched Fight Club tell you how sexy Brad Pitts abs are. (for a whole week)
  • Playing Duck Hunt on Nintendo with a bunch of 6 year olds. (for 6 hours on a Saturday morning)
  • Riding the bus with my JV/V Girls Volleyball Team. (for the remainder of the season)
  • Watching a full day marathon of New York Goes to Hollywood. (or I Love Money)

6. Something you might not know: there are estrogen receptors on the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) that – along with several other factors – make females more susceptible to ACL ruptures. The cyclical nature of estrogen and progesterone markedly influences ACL strength via fibroblast activity – so at certain times of the month, the ACL is more likely to tear. The ACL may also be predisposed to dramatic mood swings which explains why at times everything is my fault (in case you missed it, I was being sarcastic about the last two lines).


7. Great quote from an email exchange I had with a pitching specialist the other day: “I have truly been blessed in having peers who are truly cutting edge and who are more interested in getting it right than being thought of as right.” … I wish I can say the same from the majority of trainers and coaches that I encounter with.

8. I have pretty much come to the conclusion that the only time that leg presses don’t suck is if you're in rehab for a microfracture surgery. The loading isn’t really enough to cause back problems, and partial ROM and non-weight-bearing are desired.


9.Last rant for this month: I saw an article on line called, Skateboarder Wanted for Speeding. Instead of trying to arrest/sanction him, shouldn’t authorities be rewarding him for finding an efficient, environmentally friendly transportation alternative in a time of high gas prices and global warming?


10. My 25th Bday is on Sunday. On that day I’ll head to the gym perhaps the park to play bball. Exercise and teaching/coaching people are huge parts of my life and I wouldn’t imagine not having them on my one day of the year to enjoy myself. I LOVE WHAT I DO. I sincerely thank everyone for believing into my training philosophy and for continuing to support me.


All the Best,

Fritzie Villegas
Fusion Training System
San Jose, CA 95116 US

Miscellaneous Randomness



  • Be VERY excited – your September Newsletter is coming up in 4 days. This is a must read special edition – why? Because my birthday month is September. Spread the word, tell your friends to sign up for the FREE Newsletters.
  • Inspired by American Olympic glory, I decided to embarked on an effort to duplicate Michael Phelps' eating regiment in anticipation of my shot at 2012 Olympic Glory (Olympic Eating).  So far today I've eaten seventeen eggs, three loaves of Wonder Bread (I wet the loaves, bunched them all into a sticky, floury ball, dipped it on honey and ate the whole thing like a huge apple), a whole fried chicken (skin on), a Pizza Hut Meat Lovers® pie with extra cheese, a two-gallon jug of water, a bag of Tootsie Rolls, and several mackerel/salmon/bass. Except for the cramping, difficulty standing, and frequent naps this eating schedule requires, it hasn't been all that bad.  Next week I’ll duplicate his 5 hour training regiment. A notice to all Lifeguards: I am not a very good swimmer at all so please don’t be upset with me if you have to resuscitate me multiple times. For your troubles I'm willing to serve as a live dummy for their CPR classes. Speaking of Olympics, my "Olympic Thoughts" are complete – view  Jot Sheet 8. Does anybody else find this scenario annoying? When you bend over to pick something up and miss the object multiple times, and on the final attempt you do a violent grab as if to say it was the object's fault? I am spending way to much time with fighters!. Nonetheless, new article uploaded “Things That I Find Annoying” (Top 10 List).
  • Fritzie’s embarrassing moment # 473,485: I was drawing the Power Puff Girls on the table at Macaroni Grille and our super hot waitress happen to glance over and looks at me with a quirky grin. I swear I can read her mind saying “you are 8 years old!”

Train Hard, Work Hard, Rest Hard.




(as i type this, background music is Sir Mixx Alot's Baby Got Back is playing on the background - RLMAO

Why Are Your Glutes So Important? Your hips are a key aspect to improving one of the fundamental skills of Volleyball. The Vertical Jump. Your glutes are largely responsible for hip extension. Hip extension is precisely the movement you perform when you jump. Think about a jump for a moment. You squat down, bend forward at the hips. At this point you are loading up the glutes eccentrically. As you come up, one of the main movements, is hip extension, i.e. You straighten out; This is where your glutes come in. Unfortunately, this is where a lot of people begin to malfunction. They don’t get their glutes involved enough in the jump, which means they are losing a massive amount of power and efficiency. Your hip extensors attribute about 40% of the power to the jump. This is more than any other muscle group, including your legs. A pretty good reason for you wanting to get your butt in gear.

Why Won’t They Fire? The glutes are a hard one to learn to get going. As a general rule, if you don’t know how, it is pretty hard to learn how to fire up the glutes. This is because most exercises don’t actually teach you how to get the glute going in the exact movement we need it. If you haven’t learned how to do a jump properly from a young age, or it isn’t in built, then it does become quite hard to learn. Bad motor patterns are the one major reasons of a lack of glute activity. A common reason for lack of glute function is tight hip flexors. Tight hip flexors are easy to get, and extremely bad for glute activation. When your hip flexors are firing, they turn off your glutes, and make it very hard to activate them, and they end up pretty weak. This is known as reciprocal inhibition. When a muscle is tight (hip flexors) and firing when it shouldn’t be, the opposite muscle, the antagonist (glutes) tends to want to turn off and not work. If you are activating your hip flexors when you shouldn’t be, this is going a long way towards your inability to get the glutes firing. Your hip flexors get really tight from sitting down for a long time, or simply from some bad exercise techniques (i.e. some crazy abs that activate more hip flexor than abdominal).

What Else Goes Wrong? Not only will you struggle to get as much power as you want, but you will also be pre- disposing yourself to a large variety of injuries. Wonderful. If your glutes are sagging (haha) you are going to have to generate that power somewhere else. What occurs is known as synergistic dominance. Basically, your other muscles take up the slack and try to compensate for the fact that your glutes can’t do the job for you. Weak glutes pre disposes you to: low back injuries, hamstring injuries (NOTE TO POWER RANGER KENDRA: ACTIVATE BOTTY NOW!), ITB tightness/ syndrome, all sorts of Knee injuries. Oh yeah, and this is just to name a few. A nice little side effect to add to the fact that you aren’t getting the most out of your jump.

I Want to Jump High and Be Injury Free, Now What Do I Do? Read the following word documents and treat it like a bible. Hamstring Dominance ; Roll Out! Here’s to a better jump!

NOTE: The article above can only be accessed by my loyal, paying clients. However, if you're  currently one of the high school athletes I am currently coaching (all sports), drop me a line and I will get it to you ASAP.

Catch Me, If You Can

Hey Gang,

As many of you have noticed, I've been somewhat MIA with respect to my newsletters, answering your questions via email or phone and updating the website quite as frequently of late. Time to play catch-up. 

First off, September Newsletter. If you want to see previous editions of my Newsletter, click here.

Surviving the training portion with me is easier than running the actual race (be it a 5K, 10K or half). Congratulations to all the Fusion Training Athletes who participated last weekend at the 5K Run and the Half Marathon at Disneyland.


Problem:  Life is not fair. Solution: Be like water and adapt. The softest things in the world overcome the hardest things in the world…. Let it marinate in your head for a little bit to see if it applies to you… Read article titled Work Ethic.


Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway (this one is for "baby jane"/ “mommy”… aka as Skin and Bones, Best Bball Player Ever) … Nike got it right... JUST DO IT. Remember FEAR stands simply stands for false evidence appearing real. Besides, whats the worst that can happen?... get hit in the face... (read HS Jot Sheet for the rest)

Numerous times, in a span of two months I’ve started a sentence saying  “When I was your age…” That is a sign that I am getting old and I am working with a lot of youth sports and high school athletes. Speaking of high school athletes… Im so impressed with the majority of the high school athletes im working with, especially the ones not even in season yet….All my basketball players finally doing their barefoot training, all the softball players actually engaging in a weight training program and all track and field athletes focusing on soft tissue release… and there is a strong possibility that I will be the bball Head Coach at Leigh HS...it seems like im in sports heaven… Read HS Jot Sheet.


Lastly, About Hurricane Gustav: To all of you living, have family or know somebody in Lousiana, Mississippi and Alabama, or anywhere else that Hurricane Gustav decides to turn - my thoughts are with you. May all of you be spared damage of any sort and remain safe and sound.

All the Best,
Fritzie Villegas

Average is NOT Acceptable

With Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Holidays coming up within the next 3 months, the typical American will gain an average of 8 to 10 pounds of weight. And then when 2009 arrives, these same Americans will join gyms and hire personal trainers in hopes of losing that same 8 to 10 pounds.


You currently have about 15 weeks until New Years. Why not decide to make massive changes by January NOW so when you hit the New Years party you'll be leaner than “that person” (you know - that b**ch that always looks good at the parties!).

Start 2009 leaner than you started 2008. For more information, visit my website and learn how to NOT BE AVERAGE



For the next 3 months, I am no longer taking any new Distance Coaching Clients. I will make an announcement as soon as my schedule clears up to allow me to add new Distance Coaching Clients.


All FTS endurance athletes registered to do the Rock and Roll Marathon must set up an appointment to discuss your individualized game plan for the race day.


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