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Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is one of the rare holidays that doesn’t have an agenda. It comes down to two things: enjoying time with your family and relatives, while giving thanks to what’s important in your life.... And of course, totally dominating mom’s homemade peach cobbler pie.


My List of Things I’m Thankful for:


1. My family. Most people don't feel secure in life. They are always worry about losing, money, job, status, fame, etc... My security in life comes from the fact that every single day I am valuable to my family. The bond that links my family is not the one of blood, but of respect and joy in each others life.


2. My supporters. I know it sounds sappy, but I truly do appreciate the support and the fact that Fusion Training System has steadily grown in five months since I left South Bay Athletic Club


3. A great training crew. You know those days when you just don’t “feel it,” and you don’t want to go to the gym and train? Well, this is why finding a training crew or someone to train with is so important: accountability.


4. Speaking of which, I’m also thankful for having the coolest/best clients ever. Awesomeness is in the air!


5. Snatch Grip Rack Pulls. They’ve been my saving grace the past few months.


Honorable Mentions: Instone Pudding; "Wildfire"; Turkey Drop (a summer or high school relationship fizzling out due to college conditions by the thanksgiving break); Interns; The fact that Keanu Reeves has only been in one feature film the past two years. Let's all agree that the less Keanu, the better; Xyience... (Cue “Unchained Melody” by Righteous Brothers)


My mind is a bit hazy after the insulin-induced coma that follows me eating at PF Changs for the third consecutive day (kudos points from Janessa)


1. One of the cool features I have in my website is the really detailed analytic panel to look at hits, referring sites, and the keywords people used in their searches to find my site.  Believe it or not, 39.8% of my supporters can’t spell my last name correctly in a web search.  So, just to be clear, it’s “Fritzie,” not “Fritzi.”  The extra “E” stands for excellence, in case anyone was wondering (stop laughing).


2. HERE is an interesting new study I just read that talks about performance decrements with subtle sleep deprivation.  These results seem to suggest that if you’re going to miss hours of sleep, it is better to do so by going to bed later than it is to do so by rising earlier.  We always teach our athletes that one hour of sleep before midnight is worth two after midnight, so these results would seemingly fly in the face of our recommendations. However, these recommendations assume no sleep deprivation.  In other words, I’d rather have an athlete sleep 11pm-7am than I would have him sleep 2am-10am. (Note to self: SLEEP MORE)


3. My most favoritest (i know thats not a word) time of year is finally here. Christmas is pretty much the most perfect holiday ever invented. Copious amounts of delicious food + football + women in the kitchen = happy tears in my eyes. Furthermore, it also marks the countdown to two things: a) my bday in nine months (which lets be honest, should be a holiday in-of-itself), and b) New Year.


4. What I am about to show you would typically make me want to slam heroine directly into my eyes. CLICK HERE TO VIEW.


To summarize: STUPID! To say that a celebrity trainer is smart is like saying a donkey can do calculus. Listening to celebrity trainers is like listening to Amy Winehouse saying the secret to a higher metabolism is crack.


5. Normally, arguing with a pilates instructor over the internet is about as exciting as playing Marco Polo with Helen Keller, but I’ll play along and make this short and sweet. For the love of god, pilates DOES NOT lengthen (or elongate) your muscles. Correct me if I’m wrong (and I’m not), a muscle’s length is dependent on it’s origin and insertion along the bone. We can’t make bones longer (I’ll refrain from the obvious joke here), so it’s physiologically impossible to make a muscle longer beyond their given origin and insertion points. I really wish this myth would just shut up and die.


Fritzie: 9 billion points               Pilates Instructor: 0 points

You Know Who You Are...

Dear "ykwya",

How happy will you allow yourself to be? Right now you are being influenced by all sorts of negative influences that would LOVE nothing more than for you to be as unhappy as they are (i.e. Friends and Family, Teammates, Coaches, etc)

Most people have ZERO clue they are addicted to their emotions. We all are. Do you think that friend of yours who always has a crisis on their hands isn't addicted to drama - and the FEELINGS associated with it. Think that buddy who is always broke isn't addicted to the FEELINGS associated with having to scramble each month to pay the bills. Bottom line: You can be addicted to your emotions the same as a junkie with a needle. You always need another fix.

Everybody wants the blueprint. Everyone just wants to be shown exactly what to do. But nobody wants to look deep inside at the stuff that is truly holding them back (i.e. Feeelings of guilt, Feeelings of unworthiness, Feeelings of shame)... All sorts of feelings that we'd rather not deal with. So keep on ignoring them and keep on doing the same crappy things.

Don't go getting all pissed off at me for exposing it. If you want somebody to cuddle you, well, you should know by now that you're not going to get an ass kissing from me. But I do care - thats why Im on your ass to make a change for the better. 

Your old enough to know the difference between right and wrong, simply do the right thing. Stop feeling sorry for yourself cause then you're paralyze to NEVER do anything worth doing. 

Yours in prosperity,
Fritzie Villegas


Thought I heard it all...That is till last week, when I received an e-mail from a female client of mine. Long story short, she’s a distance coaching client and was just checking in to fill me in on her progress. She also mentioned to me that she finally got her sister to start training and that she was making great progress as well; to the tune of five lbs of muscle gain while LOSING roughly five inches off her waist. Awesome. Here’s what my client’s sister’s trainer (I think that makes sense) had to say about her weight gain. Warning: your brain may actually hate you for what you’re about to read.


“……although some of that is muscle, you also have to take into account that when you gain muscle and get in shape, your blood actually will weigh more because it’s more highly oxygenated.”




Woooooow! If that’s not a nuclear bomb of bullshit sauce, then I don’t know what is. Is this guy serious? I’ve put a great deal of thought into how I would respond to this statement (3 seconds), and here it is.


He does realize that women lose blood every month when they menstruate, right? He also realizes that the more muscle one has, the more glycogen they can store, right? As well, he must understand that oxygen doesn’t weigh freakin five pounds! Surely, that’s just common sense, correct? I understand that he wasn’t saying that the highly oxygenated blood accounted for all of her weight gain. But to suggest that it accounted for even the slightest bit of weight gain (or anything significant) is downright absurd. I mean, he could have said something completely looney, like, adding Unicorn tears to my mom’s lasagna will make it carb-free, and I’d believe that over the crap he mentioned above.

High Intensity Interval WINS! ... again!

Have you ever seen a fat soccer player competing at a high level? Nope. It just doesn’t happen; you can’t get far in this sport if you’re carrying excess baggage – and the demands of the sport get you lean in the first place.


Now, here’s a follow-up question: have you ever seen a fat jogger? Absolutely! They’re all over the place; heck, there are probably more fat joggers than there are lean joggers!


A recent study takes things a step further and shows that soccer is not only superior to jogging for fat loss (almost double the fat loss over the course of 12 weeks), but that it’s also superior for fitness gains and muscle mass increases – all while exercising at a lower perceived exertion because they were having more fun.


Take-Home Lessons

1. As I have stated over and over, high-intensity work (interval training and lifting) blow aerobic exercise out of the water for fat loss.

2. Pick an activity that is fun for you. Play ultimate Frisbee, flag football, or just go sprint (racing someone is great). Long, slow, steady-state cardio is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

3. Build muscle mass and you’ll get leaner faster.


I am an IDIOT!



Who am I, really... Alot of people say I remind them of the TV character, House... some say Im an IDIOT... some praise me for being a good trainer... some call me a mean coach... some hate my cockiness... other love my confidence... some hate my lifestyle... some admire my life choices...


I was reading a book by Howard Cosell. From memory, on the back cover he wrote something like: I've been called pompous, arrogant, an idiot, a genius, a jerk, a breath of fresh air ... and so on. Then he writes, and again, I may be off a bit here: "You're right. I AM ALL of these things."


Such is my feeling about those who praise me or ridicule me. Either way, you are right. And it's good to be right. This leads to the point I want to make. It's a point I've made  numerous times before - and I never tire of saying it. Even so, today I'll say it in more colorful language:


Your opinion of me ain't none of my doggone business (translation: I DONT GIVE A F***K) Just as in politics, if 51 percent of the people on my list approve of me and what I do - well then, let's call it a landslide.


Worry less about fixing reputations because they are simply peoples opinion, worry more about fixing your charater because that is who you truly are.


Work Hard, Train Hard, Rest Hard.


-Fritzie Villegas