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April FOOLS!

So we’re four months into 2009 and I’m curious as to whether or not you’ve stuck with your New Year’s Resolutions? I know I have:


1. Project: Fritzie Get Sexified ……… check.
2. Get my butt in gear and start writing articles again………… check.

 (New article: Breaking Cardio Confusion, Deconstructing Pitchers)

3. Possibly plan a trip to Greece for later this year……… check.
4. Destroy the back of my pants for realizing how expensive said trip will cost me……… check.

Side Note # I: Greek women are hot.                  Side Note # II: Maria Menounos is Greek.
Side Note # III: Ergo, Maria Menounos is hot.      Side Note # IV: We should go out. Just throwing it out there.

Suffice it to say, I’m willing to bet that many of you have “followed the sheep,” and have already failed with your plans to lose those extra pounds this year. I get it. Stuff happens. Weekend birthday parties (that last for the whole month), Ohh Soo Loco Nights, Valentines Day Chocolate Spree, Superbowl weekend, The Real Housewives of New York is on tonight, so on and so forth. It’s inevitable that the majority of us will make excuses as to why we never have time to train or eat healthy. While I’d like to sit here and tell you that this is going to be some advanced article on program design, in reality, it isn’t. I’m not going to reveal some secret quasi-functional, homeostatic overreaching, Eastern Bloc pyramid mesocycle you’re missing out on. Nor am I going to provide insight on any advanced techniques that will increase your peak power by 87.359%. Rather, the goal here is to give you a visual motivation. Fellows, think: actor Ryan Reynolds, AKA guy who’s married to Scarlett Johannson and just so happens to make my list of people I hate because I’m not him. Ladies, think Minka Kelly AKA girl that is the envy of the Derek Jeter fan club. While I realize I may ruffle a few feathers here and there along the way, just know that I have your best interests in mind. You may not like what I have to say, but it needs to be said. Which is to say, I actually want you to make progress in the gym and so that hot chicks or dudes will want to hang out with you. 

Barack Obama

Did you catch any of the headlines or stories about what Barack Obama did in his first day on the job? Without going into any details, simply put, he made changes.  Whether you like his politics or not, he promised change and on Day 1, certainly delivered. He sent a clear and defining message that he intends to take action. It would be very easy to blame the economic crisis on the past administration. Simple to throws his hands up and say 'well what am I supposed to do' with the war in Irag. Or easier yet to cry innocent on the obvious dislike that occurs between political parties in this country rather than try to build bridges and close gaps. But instead, he's opted to take action. While the history books have yet to reveal the scope of his Presidency's success, I can assure you that the only people who ever become successful in this world are the one's who don't point fingers, created excuses or blame circumstances for their plight in life. They take responsibility for it all, understand that they are in charge of their own destiny's and act on what they know will serve them.

P.S. I love the fact the Mr. President is a REAL sports fan

Sportz NEWZ

1. "If I'm playing confidently, there's really, in my eyes... nothing I can't do. And there's sometimes, if I tend to play tentatively, I don't play as well. So I think if anything, for me, in the game of basketball, it's me versus the game." - Sue Bird (I’m  motivated)


2. The former Knicks guard Stephon Marbury was labeled a “clubhouse cancer”. “Once I read that definition for cancer, I was shocked,” explained Marbury.  “I couldn’t believe the media was referring to me as such a horrible thing - I had no idea.  Obviously, I’m not happy about it, and will dedicate myself to becoming a better teammate - my new goal is to be a clubhouse Chemotherapy.” A week later, the Knicks and STARbury completed a “buyout transaction” and he was headed to the reigning 2008 NBA Champs Boston Celtics. (Note to God: I love your sense of humor). (I’m  laughing)


3. New head coach Josh McDaniels has an ongoing rift with the Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler after the quarterback learned he was on the blocks to be traded after the end of the season when the former Broncos Coach Shanahan left.  Cutler was never traded but both McDaniels and Cutler never resolved the feud and the disgruntled Cutler tells the team to trade him. Heres my opinion: If Jay Cutler wants to be traded let him go. Denver needs a quarterback who willing to step up and do what's best for the team and the franchise.  (Note to Cutler’s mommy and daddy: Please tell your kid to grow up and stop having temper tantrums. Now!). Cutler is being a baby, a '25 or so Million Dollar Baby. He needs to outgrow his childish behavior because he is an adult. (I’m  mad)


4. Why do I hate the Lakers? Bare with me as I take you thru my thinking process) “… One of my favorite players is Derek Fisher … I hate Kobe Bryant … I like everybody on the Lakers team especially Bynum and Farmar … I hate Kobe Bryant … I like Phil Jackson … I hate Kobe Bryant … That’s why I hate the Lakers. Side Note: Lisa Leslie of the LA Sparks , three-time WNBA MVP, announce that 2009 will be the final season of her illustrious career. (I’m  sad)


5. Another women’s professional league is starting (I’m excited). Favorite soccer players: Leslie Osborne  ; Lindsay Tarpley ; Heather Mitts  … watch out for Greer Barnes – that girl can play!


Oprah said she took herself off her own priority list in her O magazine article about why she gained her weight back. That's a common mistake, not just experienced by in-demand celebrities and busy executives. I've done it. You've probably done it. We've all done it. If you keep de-prioritizing yourself, it will slowly but surely make you unhappy, fat and probably kill you. You have to put yourself first. When you set your life's priorities and put your life values in order, your health MUST be #1. Everything else in your life depends on you being in good health and physical condition.

Some people go into a hissy fit when I say that their training should be prioritized above their business or their own health and well-being has to come above their families. They think it's absurd. They think it's selfish. You bet it's "selfish" and that's exactly how it should be. How do you take care of your family without your own health? Taking care of yourself IS taking care of your family! You want to know what's truly selfish? Having a preventable and reversible health problem and doing nothing about it because you are too busy "nobly" taking care of everyone but yourself.

Let me remind you of something called the "rock bottom" phenomenon. I've seen it discussed in the psychology and behavior research as “the thing” that finally triggers a change, and I've seen it happen in the real world over and over again. People will do almost anything to end pain or cure a disease after they have it, but they usually won't lift a finger to prevent it. Only when debilitating pain or illness strikes them down or threatens them does changing their unhealthy ways even appear on their radar. Of all diseases or "pains", the most alarming thing about obesity is that it creeps. There's plenty of advanced warning, but it's not heeded. Each additional pound is "no big deal" so it never seems urgent... until it's too late... until you have a physical or emotional rock bottom experience.

If you think putting yourself first is selfish because your family needs to come first, then what happens when you're so out of shape and out of breath just from walking, that you can't play basketball with your son? What happens when you're so obese that you can't fit in the amusement park ride with your daughter? The safety bar won't close. Humiliated, you slowly get out in front of everyone and send her off on her own next to a stranger while you wait. What happens when you drop dead of a heart attack in your 40's and leave a widow and children with one parent? Who's selfish then?
The most selfish thing you can do is not to take care of your own health.


In our great nation’s history, there have been several lawsuits that have had a great impact on our society and have affected millions of lives. A few that come to mind (thank you Wikipedia)

Roe vs. Wade is a controversial US Supreme Court case that resulted in a landmark decision regarding abortion.

Brown vs. Board of Education was a landmark decision which overturned earlier rulings going back to Plessy v. Ferguson in 1896. The case resulted in desegregation of public schools.

Villegas vs. Megan Fox is still under ruling by the US Supreme Court, whereupon it would be illegal for Ms. Fox to train with anyone other than Fritzie.

And now, we have Sugarman vs. Carter, which will undoubtedly be remembered as a turning point in the American justice system.

From The New York Times:A jury acquitted Mr. Christopher Carter of assault charges for manhandling the stationary bike of a fellow gym member, Stuart Sugarman, who was shouting and grunting during a spin class. Even though Mr. Carter’s defense lawyer acknowledged in court that his client had grabbed Mr. Sugarman’s bike by the handlebars, tilted it back and then released it, with Mr. Sugarman astride, the jury decided that he was not a criminal for having done so.

The altercation occurred at an Equinox fitness club on the Upper East Side last August. Mr. Sugarman, a 49-year-old senior partner at an investment firm, was yelling things like “You go, girl!” and “Good burn!” in spin class, and Mr. Carter could not take it anymore. He twice asked the instructors to get Mr. Sugarman to quiet down, according to trial testimony. But after Mr. Sugarman continued, harsh words were exchanged. Mr. Carter, 45, a stockbroker, stormed over to Mr. Sugarman’s bike and lifted it, crashing the back of it into a wall, witnesses said. Mr. Sugarman said the force of the bike dropping to the ground caused a herniated disc in his neck.

Christopher Carter is officially my new hero. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure this qualifies him for the National Medal of Honor, or I don’t know, at least a high five. Maybe a free dinner at KFC? Regardless, the man did us all a favor and he should be commended for it. However, I have to say that if I were in the same situation, I probably would have skipped the whole “harsh words being exchanged” thing, and just gone right to throwing this Sugarman guy (and his bike) out the window. 47th floor be damned. There you have it folks, case closed.

This whole story does bring up a conundrum. Namely, what other annoying things do people do in the gym that warrants such justified behavior? For the heck of it, I made an informal list which I hope it will be made into an Amendment:

1. Guy or (girl) who yells “all you, all you, all you,” while essentially doing an upright row for the person he’s spotting…Guy who loads the bar to 225 and says he’s going for five reps and then barely gets one. He then looks at you with a look of bewilderment, shrugs, and says, “yeah, I trained my triceps yesterday, so I’m pretty tired today.”

2. Guy (or girl) who flexes in front of the mirror after each set of bicep curls. Bonus points for actually kissing your bicep or muttering, “yeah, I’m so swole” afterwards.

3. Guy (or girl) that uses the treadmill for 60 minutes… or goes to the gym to take a yoga class… or sits in the sauna for 15 minutes think he/she had a good workout… I can go on and on but I don’t want to spoil my “good mood”.

4. Guy who walks into the gym with a sweatshirt on and then proceeds to strip down every ten minutes in this order: sweatshirt…long sleeved shirt…sleeveless shirt…wife beater or UnderArmour shirt….Girl who wears sunglasses while she trains. I saw this a lot while I was at Long Beach for a conference and always thought it was borderline retarded.

5. Anyone who talks or text on their cell phone while “working out.” Im going to put this in my Liability Release Form… “Please be advised that by holding a phone in your hand upon the start of your training session with Fritzie, you are hereby authorizing Fritzie “to beat you” beyond recognition with the cell phone in question. Thank you for your cooperation.”

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