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To be blunt and to the point, 2009 is going to look exactly like you want it to.


The smash hit movie/book/tv show "The Secret" brought into mainstream culture the notion that what we think about consistently is what we’re going to get. And while many people worldwide embraced both the movie and the message, the concept is far from new, innovative or groundbreaking. My Dad is the most optimistic and happy man on the planet. Always upbeat, constantly singing and eternally grateful for the smallest things in his life. He taught me from as far back as I can remember that success in life is nothing more than an attitude.


Work hard, yes. Sacrifice, fine. But more than anything else…. Be Happy. Positive emotions like happiness, joy, love and gratitude are the basis from which your success will come. It really isn’t about working harder. Or dedicating more time to task completion. It’s about ‘knowing’ what you want, where you’re going and believing that it’s 100% possible. It’s about keeping all of that in your head on a daily basis while you go through your days with sheer joy and optimism. My 2009 is going to be splendid. Best year of my life…. I can tell you that for certain already.


What’s your 2009 going to look like? Type it out so that it becomes real to you and something the world can see. Then attack it with enthusiasm and an optimistic vigor. 2009 is going to look exactly like you want it to.


I wish you a successful, joyous and prosperous 2009!


Until Next Time,

Fritzie Villegas

Random Thoughts

1. It recently occurred to me that my Random Thoughts are no longer very random. Truth be told, I am the Random Pioneer, and countless individuals have attempted to randomly follow in my random footsteps with their own random attempts at random brilliance in random blogs.  I have a random message for these random copycats: you might as well give it up, as my randomness cannot be matched, so you might as well throw in your towel.


2.  I’ve talked previously about the long-term detrimental effects of taping ankles, and I recently got a good inquiry about whether I thought this same issue would be present in MMA fighters who tape their wrists.  My response was that it probably wasn’t an issue as much at the wrist predominately because the wrist isn’t a weight-bearing joint.  By loading the ankle while it’s taped, we solidify neural patterns a lot more quickly.  Additionally, nobody tapes their wrists for the same duration and frequency as those athletes (basketball players, for instance) who tape their ankles daily for several hours - and combine those restrictions with wearing high-top sneakers.  I remember seeing an interview with Bill Walton back in the mid-1980s when he joked about how the ankle taping got tighter and tighter as the season went on - probably because the guys got more and more unstable at their ankles!


3. A good friend of mine got an I-Pod for Christmas and finally caught up with the 12-year-olds of the world.  If she actually figure out how to use it, I suppose that she’ll be considered an adult.


4. I always love it when folks come back from doctors with the “don’t squat” recommendation.  My immediate response is, “So you aren’t allowed to go to the bathroom?”


Obviously, I’m saying this pretty tongue-in-cheek, as I know they’re referring to squatting under significant loads.  However, I wish we’d get more doctors who would appreciate that certain things (e.g., squatting) are important parts of our daily lives, and that those with knee pain need to learn how to squat correctly, not avoid it altogether.


5. I coined a new term this month: scromelette.  A scromelette is what results when you screw up while making an omelette, and after some cursing, wind up with scrambled eggs and vegetables.


6. Everyone repeat after me: there is no such thing as an “upper” or “lower” abdominal region and as I’ve stated a million times “there is NO medial deltoid”. Even though when you goggle medial deltoid, theres 147,000 search results. Just like a good Dane Cook movie, it doesn’t exist. Rather than rant and rave, I’ll just let someone a helluva lot smarter than myself crack open an egg of knowledge bombs (Dr. Stuart McGill):

“Myoelectric evidence, normalized and calibrated, suggests that there is no functional distinction between an “upper” and “lower” rectus abdominus in most people; in contrast, the obliques are regionally activated with upper and lower neuromuscular compartments as well as medial and lateral components. There are, however, some highly trained individuals who are able to create small differences in activation. Yet these differences are only at very low levels of activation and occur during what would be considered nonfunctional tasks, for example belly dancing.”

So please, the next time you hear some nimrod personal trainer explain how “x exercise” will target the upper/lower abs, do me a favor and ask yourself, “what would Fritzie do?” (hint: drop kick the nimrod in the family jewels)

7. Just to give a little snidbit into what my weeks looks like:

Mon: Work … basketball practice … go to the gym… party…  (eat 10x a day)
Tues: Work … basketball practice … Work … party… (eat 10x a day)
Wed: Work … basketball game … go to the gym ... (eat 10x a day)
Thur: Work … basketball practice … Work … party... (eat 10x a day)
Fri: Work … basketball game … go to the gym... party… (eat 10x a day)
Sat: Work … run errands ….(eat 15x a day … this also happens to be my higher calorie day).
Sun: go to church, eat lots of dead animal flesh, write poetry, listen to country music, play checkers, hang out at Starbucks and draw pictures of Megan Fox on my etch-a-sketch (this should make up for last week Lance). I guess you could say I’m pretty talented.

I really could use about 31 hours in the day.  I’d even settle for 28 - but 24 just doesn’t seem to be cutting it.

8.  I came across a story last week that got me fired up. “Obese Have Right to TWO Airline Seats.”

“Obese people have the right to two seats for the price of one on flights within Canada, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled on Thursday.” “The high court declined to hear an appeal by Canadian airlines of a decision by the Canadian Transportation Agency that people who are “functionally disabled by obesity” deserve to have two seats for one fare.”.

For the love of sugar free gummy bears and hot tamales, what the hell is going on here? The last thing we need is for the “functionally disabled by obesity” to think that they’re entitled to free shit. Before we know it they’re going to expect free gas for their cars (cars carrying more weight burn more gas, why should they be penalized?), free seconds at restaurants (heck they need to eat more, why should they have to spend more?),

Note to fat people: Secret to Fat Loss as proven by countless stick looking models / celebrities and Amy Winehouse ….  CRACK, due to its superb effects on increasing metabolism*.

Let me just say that I have nothing against the obese, but there are times where I feel that we as a society are just playing the role of enablers. I mean just the other day I was talking with one of our athletes, and he mentioned to me how his school is cutting down the required amount of days that students need to attend health/PE class from two days per week to once every six days! Even he found this to be absurd. And we wonder why we have an epidemic of childhood obesity and adult onset diabetes!?! When you think about it, we’re setting people up for failure right from the start. On the other hand, while I can’t deny the role that society plays, I also feel that there has to be some degree of accountability here. I get so tired of people trying to pass things off as if they’re the victim; as if someone forced them to eat McDonald’s everyday for breakfast.

9. (see above) * sarcasm heavily influenced the aforementioned comment …. I apologize. Heres a real fat loss tip: just a half a liter in deficit in water can cause an increase in stress hormones as well as cause you to feel hungry more often. Not exactly a great scenario when looking to keep the access pounds away. Additionally, from a performance standpoint, a two percent decrease in body weight (due to dehydration through sweating) can decrease performance upwards to 25%. Yowsa! Just goes to show how important staying hydrated really is. And please, for the love of all that’s holy, put down the Vitamin Water. I’d rather you drink raw sewage than that crap (pun totally intended).


11. It never ceases to amaze me how many people still haven’t grasped the concept of “N=1.”  Maybe I have a skewed perspective on the importance of a big sample size because of my time in the research world?  Perfect example: I get an email from a powerlifter who had shoulder problems for years, and they "magically" disappear when he takes a step back from benching (presumably in terrible form) in favor of doing dips and handstand push-ups.  So, obviously, the logical line of reasoning is that everyone with shoulder problems is only a few hundred dips and handstand push-ups away from shoulder bliss and an altogether utopian society where the glenohumeral Tinkerbell sprinkles fairy dust on labrum tears and bicipital tendinosis to make things allllllllllll better.  Seriously, it’s just logic.

12. I’m sure I’ll get a few email follow-ups to #11 from those interested to know if I have any mythological treatments for knee, elbow, and ankle pain.  For those, I recommend duct tape and a glue gun.  Lower backs, on the other hand, respond best to Indian rain dances. Any emotional turmoil due to injuries or just the daily havoc of life, see Christian Brothers. (Shout Out to the Rock Bottom Crew). 


13. This past weekend is one to remember. Lets just put it this way, if being awesome was like having the lamest line in Star Wars history (”Noooooooooooooooooooo!!”), then this past weekend would be Darth Vader. Me+significant other+Fatty acid metabolism (indulge in gluttony)+Star Wars(Episode 5)+Tetris+country music=most romantic night of my life. True Story. Enough said!


Fritzie Villegas signing off...


You'd be surprised how many people email me around January. And truth be told, I feel honored about it. Most people email me cause they end getting caught in the excitement of the Holidays and the 'feeling' of making changes in their life. Every December/January people create goals and a lists of the things they intend to do, develop or change in the New Year. But come mid-January, the excitement dwindles and they're stuck back exactly where they were only a few weeks before.

That's the frustrating part for me. Because I know it doesn't have to be this way. To know me is to know that I am constantly re-inventing myself. Always on the lookout to learn more or re-create some part of my life. I don't sit idly back and 'wish' for stuff. I proactively go over my desires and make them happen.

The woman I am today is NOT the woman I was three years ago. My core values haven't changed necessarily, but my ambitions and success points have. And that's because when I want to make a change in my life, I live under one rule and one rule only - I need to do things differently than I did before.

You can create lists, goals and any other type of "paper-based" idea of what you want.You can get excited about it during the Holidays and believe that "this is the year" you're finally going to get what you want. But if you end up doing the same stuff over and over again, all you're really going to get is more of the same.

Be convicted to risk in 2009. Change your lifestyle habits. Do the stuff you've been too nervous to do in the past. Push outside your comfort zone and refuse to look in the rear view mirror. DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY THAN YOU HAVE BEFORE. Same habits = same results. New habits = new results It's just that easy.


Train Hard, Train Smart,

Fritzie Villegas