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10 Ways to Tell a WINNER from a LOSER

1. When a winner makes a mistake, she/he says "my fault"; when a loser makes a mistake, she/he throws the blame on someone else.


2. A winner credits her/his "good luck" for winning on being fundamentally prepared; a loser blames her/his "bad luck" for losing on bad breaks even though she/he is not fundamentally prepared.


3. A winner works harder than a loser and always finds time to do what is expected of her/him; a loser never finds the time and when she/he does, he works on the wrong things.


4. A winner makes commitments and sets goals with his heart and sets out to accomplish them; a loser makes "promises" with her/his mouth and never sincerely means to keep them.


5. A winner shows she's/he’s sorry by making up for mistakes; a loser says "I'm sorry" but does the same thing next time.


6. A winner thinks, "I'm good, but not as good as I should or could be." A loser thinks, "I'm not as bad as some of the others."


7. A winner would rather be admired for her/his ability than liked, although she/he would prefer both; a loser would rather be liked than admired because she/he knows she/he hasn't worked hard enough to be admired.


8. A winner hates to lose; a loser could care less although she/he may put up a good front.


9. A winner takes constructive criticism from the coach, realizing that it will help her/him and the team; a loser pouts and thinks she's/he’s being picked on.


10. A winner thinks of the team first and never wants to let the team down; a loser thinks of herself/himself first and the team last.


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