Unlock Your Highest Potential

Me, Myself and I

"I am a sucess because I've failed a million times" 


Fitness is a passion and a confidence builder. Expressing passion through fitness is a great way to feel alive and engaged in the world - which is truly the best simple pleasure. To feel alive in the world today takes incredible strength, and one must step outside his comfort zone and risk humiliation. At that point, belief barriers have been broken resulting in personal growth and a "can do" mentality. 


My self-worth has come from doing just that. Now I reverse the process to support me in being a better person. My ability to overcome obstacles is enhanced with having self-confidence. As they say "you are who you are, no more, no less". That's why it pays to think, feel and look your best. 

I believe there is nobody sexier or more beautiful than a person with full confidence in themselves and their abilities. Confidence from a fitness enthusiast radiates like a light, drawing opportunities and admirers in compelling ways. Expressing a sincere and honest belief in yourself and your abilities doesn't mean you are conceited. 


Just take a good look at yourself and know what your strengths are. Then use them to project the utmost confidence. While most people envy a person like that they also respect you for having the courage to live up to your greatest potential.


"Strivers Achieve What Dreamers Believe"  


My Mantra

I carry a piece of paper on my wallet with the following words written on my own handwriting.

I seek to dominate the world. Some people might not be happy about my attitude, the way i live my life, the way I treat other people. FUCK 'EM! As long as Im happy with myself then its all good. My personal agenda is all about myself, without the expense of other's interests. People might give comments that are too much to handle and out of context. FUCK 'EM! They don't know who I am and the history of my life. Im a principle person. The values I uphold and cherish in my life are learnings I have gained in the past, with all the struggles and hardships that came along the way. I might have a different opinion on issues, different tactics or strategies from the mainstream activist world. But I have a right to be different. THAT'S WHAT MAKES ME UNIQUE. My greatest trait is that I never forget to value kindness. Always give when needed. Deliver what I promise. Bend when there is a need to be flexible. "Living a perfect day" is doing something nice without a single ounce of thought of getting something in return. STRIVE TO LIVE A PERFECT DAY. Deal with everybody in the most cordial way as I dont have the time and the capacity to engage in a battle. I have an outrageous desire to succeed and I am persistent as hell so IM GOING TO HAVE A GREAT DAY TODAY.


That is my mantra and if I need something to motivate me I just simply read it. On the back, my goals are written down till Im 35 years old. (Dang! Is that chessy or what?  ….  Heres my lone response: SO WHAT!?!)