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My Training Philosophy

I am a firm believer that the single-most important component of preparing for athletic success and physical transformation is individualization. All individuals are unique, and programming must reflect each person’s distinctive needs.

Most of the information here is not found in undergraduate textbooks or the peer-reviewed publications most commonly references in our industry. Instead, you’ll only find this information from getting in the trenches, working with athletes and “real world” people, and seeing what works. That’s what I’ve done, and that’s what dozens of fantastic coaches with whom I correspond on a weekly basis have done. Utilizing The Fusion Training System puts you in an elite group of highly motivated individuals striving to reach one goal – being the best at whatever you do in life.


I've been fortunate enough to be able to learn from the brightest scientific minds in the field of performance enhancement. Combine this with my own experiences and knowledge and what you get is a scientific and unique approach to training. Science tells us what we did. Although, science might point you in the right direction, it should never tell you what to do. Instead, experimentation validated with results should tell you what works – and just as importantly, what you use in future situations to guarantee success.


I have relentlessly pursued the question "What is the most effective way to physically and mentally enhance an individuals performance?" My philosophy revolves around addressing people  individually and getting the most out of their training time, or training economy. The only way to do this is to assess everyone as an individual and train the weaknesses. Once I determine what aspect is holding a particular individual back from its highest performance potential, I address the training program to correct any of those deficiencies. A person is only strong as its weakest link. The Fusion Training System merges the mind and the body as a single entity, therefore no aspect of your well being is left unattended. I believe in the body being a beautiful mirror of ones mental state of being (the body is the brain).


All services, be it individual, tandem or group sessions, starts with an individualized consultation where your overall health is assessed and goals are discussed. This session includes a movement analysis and a posture evaluation. An exercise program that works for one person might not work for another, therefore an individualized program is created specifically for you based on the results. Workouts are then continually updated as you progress

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