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Gray Matter, published every month, features an array of information and topics (words of wisdom, nutrition tips, fitness techniques, and encouragements to building a bigger, stronger and a leaner body). To receive a copy delivered directly to your inbox upon publication, please drop me an email stating that you would like to be added on the Newsletter Circulation List.

2008 Newsletters

Newsletter 1 -  Tags: John Lennon , Fitness Predictors , Amanda Beard

Newsletter 2  - Tags: Oprah , 4-Hour Work Week , Facebook

Newsletter 3  - Tags: John Wooden, Angry Trainer , Blink

Newsletter 4  - Tags: Tony Hawk , Do It or Die , Bruce Lee

Newsletter 5  - Tags: Who Moved My Cheese? , Sue Bird

Newsletter 6  - Tags: 1%  Consistent Effort Rule , BJ “the prodigy” Penn

Newsletter 6.5  - Tags: Muhammad Ali

Newsletter 7  - Tags: Lunge With A Twist , 5 People You Meet In Heaven

Newsletter 8  - Tags: Jason Mzar , Adele , Beijing Olympics

Newsletter 9  - Tags: Bagel , Rock Climbing , Gina Carano

Newsletter 10  - Tags: Landon Donavan, The Great Gatsby , Get Fat

Newsletter 11 - Tags: Pumps VS Drains , 300 , Michael Jordan

Newsletter 12 - Tags: Monta Ellis , Golden Girl , Eat That Frog

Newsletter 12.5 - Tags: Wilma Rudolph


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Jot Sheets

Collection of periodic emails to my "circulation list" for various purposes: updates, rants, opinions on certain subjects, answers to faq, random thoughts, motivational quotes, and whatever else I decide to write about for that week.




By no means do I consider myself intellectually superior to anybody. Sarcasm is innate and comes easy to those who are clever and intelligent, or at least quick-witted. It does not mean that I presume to think myself as your superior, and expect that you genuflect before me.



Jot Sheet 1: Lance Armstrong ; OPEN 10: Olympics, Bret Farve, A’s ; Mrs. Fields ; Monday Blues ; High Heels ; Drug Dealer ; Amazon Tribe, Bird Poo


Jot Sheet 2: David Cook ; Prioritize ; Touchdowns ; Paper or Plastic , Fortune Cookie ; Big Dreams ; Anything Is Possible ; Precious Time ; Tiger Woods


Jot Sheet 3: Mariah Carey ; Self Talk ; Indiana Jones ; Vegas ; The Hills ; John Mayer ;  Ryan Hall


Jot Sheet 4: $25,000 Dessert ; Trance ; Dark Knight ; Fat Burning Zone ; Pain ; Lawrence ; Discipline


Jot Sheet 5: Freeloaders ; Endurance Athlete ; Leigh HS , Warm up ; Usain Bolt ; Back From The Dead


Jot Sheet 6: Random 1: Vball Stretch, YMCA, Skateboard ; Random 2: Michael Phelps Diet, Powerpuff Girls ; Badonkkadonk ; Catch Me If You Can , Feel The Fear


Jot Sheet 7: Turkey Day ; Janessa ; Heroine ; Pilates Instructor ; “WarmRice” ; HIT ; Pangborns ; I Am An Idiot


Jot Sheet 8: Random 1: Spandex, Caltrain Station, Dr. Phil , Lindsay/Kendra/Simone ; Random 2: Cold Showers, Terry Tate ; 2008 Olympics


Jot Sheet 9: 2008 Election ; Random: Devil Rays, Treadmill Sucks, Soreness, Douche Bag , Beauty


HS Jot Sheet: Stanford ; Advice ; Cry Me A River ; Hailey Manning ; Robin Williams




January Jot Sheet : The Secret ; Random: Gummy Bears & Crack , Christian Brothers, Star Wars ; New Habits


Febuary Jot Sheet: Leer ; Sialaris VS Deemer ; brain hemorrhage ; Random: Gambit, GI Joe, Madonna and A-Rod 


March Jot Sheet: Tina Allen ; 3OH!3 ; Just ,Tipton & Momo ; Project Get Sexified ; Asthon Kutcher and Keanu Reeves


April Jot Sheet : Ryan Reynolds ; Obama ; Sue Bird ;  Jay Cutler ; Women’s Soccer ; Prerogative ; Megan Fox ; Fight


Jot Sheet 10: Tax Day; Jasper; Kate Voegele; Twitter; Michaela; Michael Vick; Coach O; Whitney Hand; FTS Gear 



Jot Sheet 11: Food Log,  Kelli and Steff Sum, MV JV Team, BOSUballs

Jot Sheet 12: Brad Pitt, Victoria Lee, Amy Lin, Jessy Marshall, Jessica Holden, Kevin Larrabee

Jot Sheet 13: Creepy McCreepypants, Dear John, Kathering Ong, Therese, Sephora, Sex in the City


Jot Sheet 14: Black Swan, Pumpkin Chocolate Brownie, Shaka!!, Jeneatte Pohlen, A&F Models, Shake Weight 

Jot Sheet 15:  What Motivates Us, 50 Calf Raises!, Biggest Loser, Bad Knees Ptotocol, Laffy Taffy, Sharks Mania

Jot Sheet 16: Knee Pain  Recommendations Age Aint Nothing But A Number, Fitness Age, Bosu Balls Sucks!


Misc. Writing Materials

Performance Related ARTICLES : A Can of Worms ; Breaking Cardio Confusion ; Deconstructing Pitchers ; Fascination With Pink ; HS Program Dissection ; You Are What You Eat! ; Resistance Training ; "Bonks" in the Running World ; Bulletproof Knees

TAGS FOR ADVICE:Party, Compete, Asher Roth, My Mom, Winner, Burgers, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Isla Vista, Loser, Michael Jordan, Steal Ideas, Fitness Professional, Life Is Not Fair, Walk of Shame, Personal Trainer, Freshman 15


RANDOM 1 TAGSCarl Jung, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Gym Jones, SMART, Effort, The Donkey Story, Consilience, Creatine, Physical Therapist, Long Beach, Brian Tracy, KISS, Lifestyle Enhancement, Thomas Plummer

RANDOM 2 TAGS: Jon Lesters, Platypus, Autism , Borat, Super Bad, Bay to Breakers, Adam Bender, Food, Manu Ginobli, Kat Osterman, Summer Youth Camp

RANDOM 3 TAGS: Simona, Pointless Email, Douche Bag, Dana, Jason Whitecomb, Jorge Cruise, La Vics, Rodney,

E-Cards, Dana, Fake Laughter

RANDOM 4 TAGS: Lindsay, ATREYU, Traci Yamashita, The Fall of Troy, Trent, sweetcandy@yahoo.com, YMCA, Alcohol, Billy Wagner, Katelyn’s trainer,  El Rock, Baseball Player, Mercedes Pardo, Kayla, “Seven Strong”


DIARY: Death, Philippines, Perfect Day, Critics, San Jose City College, Love, 24 Years Old, Happiness, San Jose State

OPEN LETTERS: Dear Mother Nature, Dear Katelyn, Dear Insane and Stupid Youth Soccer Coach , To Whom It May Concern, Dear Lazy People of the Universe, Dear Regis and Kelly, Dear Mrs. Clinton.