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Program Design, Consultation and Other Services

Most of my colleagues would agree that the hardest person to train is yourself. Therefore, in hope of building up your training knowledge, I’ve provided plenty of high quality free information on this site. Still, there is no better way to experience true results than with an individualized program designed specifically for you. Get an individualized program that specifically meets your needs and wants not something you can easily get out of a magazine. Any type of training works for two weeks. A good program progresses and continues to provide results every week. A Fusion Training System program progresses, provides results and eventually blends into your lifestyle. My end objective is to prepare you for the day that you are training/exercising/working out on your own.   


I offer various program designs, evaluations, and consultations to help you reach your goals faster. Take a moment to browse through the list of services and various packages options.



SEMI-PRIVATE TRAINING (2 or more people)

DISTANCE-COACHING (phone or/and online)    




If you require expert services related to athlete performance, health, wellness or lifestyle management - drop me a line


Private Training Services


If you live in San Jose or the greater Bay Area and interested in some of the most unique, results driven performance or personal training, make sure you set up a consultation with me ASAP. 


Personal Training at your location of choice Sessions are 1.5 hours long. Packages range from 6 to 30 sessions. Options include meeting at a designated recreational area and performing various “outdoor related activites" with an array of exercise modes (Ginastica Natural, BodyWeight Training, Kettlebell Training, Strong Man Training Methods, Boot Camp, Biking, Barefoot Training, Hiking, etc); or train at the convinience of your home. Sample equipments to be used that will ensure variety: kettlebells, pilates ball, resistance bands, freeweights, dyna disc, dumbbells, agility ladders, medicine balls, etc.



No matter the sport - no matter the situation, more than any other quality, explosiveness separates the elite from the average. I want to boost your jumping ability, speed, quickness, and explosiveness into the stratosphere - regardless of current abilities so you can dominate your chosen sport. 


Option 1: Kids Motor Skill Development (Youth Sports)  Packages range from 8, 12, 16 sessions.

Option 2: Highly Competitive Athletes (High School - College) Packages range from 8, 12, 16 sessions.


Email me to discuss the details and various payment options and plans.



2009: FTS presents F.I.R.S.T (Fritzie Institute of Running and Scientific Training)Training Programs specifically designed for endurance athlete. If you've never done an endurance sport before, this program is specifically enginerred for you.










 Contact me for a quote.


Semi-Private Training Services

All our clients receive individualized programs based on the results of an initial one-on-one assessment, as well as regular progress checks.  From here, they’re coached in a tandems or small group setting and put into an environment in which they can succeed and have fun.


TANDEM TRAINING Train with a partner. Sessions are 1.5 hours long at a location of your choice.

Packages range from 12, 16, 20 sessions.

TEAM TRAINING  Do you have a group of friends that want performance training? Trying out for a school sports team? Want to learn a new sport/activity? Do you want to run your first 5K/ 10K/ Half Marathon/ Marathon/ Ultra Marathon? Are you cometing in Muddy Buddy/Triathlon? Team training might suit your needs. If you and your friend just want to train together to lose weight and feel better, team trainning will also satisfy that need.

Option 1 - Small Group: group of 6 or less that want to train together

Option 2 - Large Group: group of 6 or more that want to train together


NEW 2009 PROMOTION: FTS presents F.I.R.S.T (Fritzie Institute of Running and Scientific Training)Training Programs specifically designed for endurance athlete. If you've never done an endurance sport before, this program is specifically enginerred for you. Contact me for a quote.


Email me to discuss the details and various payment options and plans.

BOOT CAMP  My boot camp is a high intensity outdoor training program that will take you out of your comfort zone and toward serious results. When selecting any boot camp program, you should consider that absolutely anyone can make your training hard. But just because its hard - does not mean that its effective. My boot camp is not a glorified gym class like so many other ones out there! Whatever your current level of fitness, I will welcome you, challenge you and permanently change your concept of training. Whether you are looking to lose weight, become fitter, break out of a plateau or simply change things up, my boot camp can help you reach your goals.

Held at various locations (park, school stadiums, community centers, etc). Sign ups dates vary. Daily

drop in fee $22. Depending on the weather conditions, sessions range from 10, 20 and 30.


Periodically, check this site for upcoming boot camp schedule and rates. 

2009 Goddess Boot Camp Info       

Bootcamp Refund Policies: 1. Bootcamp fees are not refundable.          2.  No refunds will be made for missed days.

ACCOUNTABILITY FACTOR: Once boot camp begins, no refunds will be given. It is your responsibility to attend class. The only way to find success towards your health and fitness goal is to become disciplined and organized. Would you miss a doctors appointment or perhaps if you were scheduled to do a surgery? If the answer is no then put your own health on that same regard and priority.       


Contact me for a consultation. I want to  help you, your friend, group or team excel!

Distance Coaching Service

If you don’t live within the greater Bay Area I can still help you with all of your performance and fitness goals and needs.



Packages available: 3 month commitment, 5 month commitment, 6 month commitment

We’ll get the ball rolling with a comprehensive questionnaire addressing everything from your training history, to your injury history, to your goals, to your time to commit to training. Make no mistake about it; this is an extremely thorough assessment. With a month's programming, here is what you will receive:

1. A personalized program that is tailored specifically for YOU! For an "X" amount of month, the individualize programming includes corrective training, soft tissue/self myofacial release techniques, dynamic and static flexibility, activation work, strength training, conditioning, recovery work, and basic nutritional support.

2. Video and picture support to showcase proper technique and form for any exercise or movement you're not familiar with to ensure your safety. Unlimited email support if you need it.

3. Monitored progress reports- weekly or bi-weekly you will provide me with a detailed progress report regarding how the program is working for you; changes will be made on the fly to ensure that you get the promised results.


Do you have a pretty good handle on your training but just need a little help or have some questions you need answered? Take advantage of my knowledge with a 30 minute consultation. Personally consult with me and I'll go over and answer any questions you have. This package includes a 30 minute consultation via telephone or instant message. Duration: 30 - 60 minutes.

 For more information on any of the packages or to get started today contact me

Consultation Service

Are you a coach that needs help with a complete strength and conditioning program? Maybe you need an injury prevention program as well? It doesn't matter what the level is. From Pee Wee to Professional, I am available to help your team or athlete with their needs. I can provide. I can provide advice on complete mental and physical preparation and other services that can help coaches and athletes in any particular sport.   


Option 1: TEAM CONSULTANT (for the season)

Be it for the duration of the season or as long as you want, take advantage of my knowledge in the field to get expert advice on your chosen sport. I am available to come during your desired time (preseason/season/offseason) for training and conditioning drills as well.


Sample services that can be included: sport specific team testing, customized team strength & conditioning manual, in-season muscular strength, speed & power training, dynamic speed, agility and quickness training, energy system development specific to the work to rest ratios of your sport, recovery and regeneration strategies, sports nutrition guidelines.


Option 2: COACHING SEMINAR (1 Day Seminar)

I believe having a coach teach you in a classroom and applied setting is the ultimate way to improve your capability as a coach and the performance of your athletes. I am willing to come to you at the location of your choice and give you the tools necessary to succeed sport of choice. Seminars must be booked 2 months in advance. 



         730 – 930am: lecture/activity                          1145 - 1pm: lunch

         945 - 1145am: lecture/activity                         1 - 3pm: lecture/activity


TOPICS THAT CAN DISCUSSED: Functional Training, Inefficiency vs. Pathology, Supplements 101, Understanding Primitive Movement Patterns, Training the Multiple Sport Athlete: Gaining a Competitive Advantage, Speed Agility and Quickness, The Art of Coaching, Authentic Strength Training, Building the Athlete from the Ground Up, Building Better Athletes Outside The Weight Room, Pre and Post Nutrition


                              Email me for a quote.


Coaches only Seminar: 3-4 hours long (half a day seminar)

Coaches only Seminar: 6 hour long full day seminar

                                          Coach + Athletes Seminar: 6-8 hour long full day seminar

Public Speaking and Presentation Service

I am available to present and speak for full or partial day services or any other type of presentations.

My focus is on lifestyle enhancement. Whatever you’re doing in life, I want to help you do it better. To me everyone is an athlete - even if you don’t play sports, you compete each day in the Game of Life. I want nothing more than to help you and infect others with my enthusiasm about a healthy lifestyle. Allow me to use the FTS to change your life. Duration: 15 - 60 minutes.

Contact me and we can negotiate the details.

Summary of Services


SEMI-PRIVATE TRAINING (2 or more people)

DISTANCE-COACHING (phone or/and online)    



Feel free to let me know if need more info or have any questions regarding any of my services (i.e. rates and discounts).