Unlock Your Highest Potential

What Can A Session With Fritzie Do For You?

  • Discover a new fitness experience.
  • Save time.
  • Maximize your  workouts.
  • Provide vital motivation to help reach your fitness goals.
  • Answer questions and provide information specific to your body.
  • Change your workout periodically to achieve the best results.
  • Give weekly follow up calls if you need them.
  • Provide specific fitness tests to measure your progress.
  • Supply you the necessary tools to reach your goal.
  • Teach you safe and effective fitness instructions.
  • Present up to date health information.

Fritzie is a powerful tool to can help you reach your health and fitness goals. Performance is not limited to athletics only. If you are an entertainer, fitness competitor, or body builder, you have performance needs too. Fritzie can help you look and be your best!

These are JUST some of the ways that Fritzie can help you.

Performance Enhancement


  • Speed, Quickness, Full Body Strength and Power Development.
  • Injury Prevention 
  • Post Rehabilitation Exercise
  • Total Preparation for Varsity Sports, College Athletic Seasons, and Professional Camps and combines.
  • Group or one-on-one training programs for various sports.
  • Total Body Transformation 
  • Complete Wellness Programs
  • Cardiovascular Health and Fitness
  • Get rid of nagging pain and injury once and for all
  • Move better and feel better than ever before
  • Post Surgical and Rehabilitative Exercise
  • Full and Comprehensive Physical Screenings and Assessments  

10 Reasons To Hire Fritzie

1.     Motivation: You’re having difficulty sticking with your routine.

2.     Special Needs: You have a chronic condition or injury and need a safe, effective routine.

3.     Efficiency: You want to improve your results without spending more time at the gym

4.     Improve your skills: You're training for a specific event or sport

5.     Learn the basics: You’re just getting started, or want to improve your fitness I.Q.

6.     It’s been awhile: You’re getting back to fitness after a long layoff.

7.     Hit a plateau: You need to jumpstart your routine and your mindset.

8.     Workout safety: You want to learn the proper, safe form for various exercises and equipment.

9.     Lose weight, gain muscle: You’re wanting to drop some weight or add definition.

10. Structure: You’re having trouble exercising regularly on your own.

“Whatever you’re doing in life, I want to help you do it better.”

- Fritzie Villegas

What Else Can Fritzie Do For You?

Offer Advice , Make You Laugh , Answer Your Questions , Entertain You ... the best part is that all those things are free. Click on the links to see exactly what Im talking about.

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