Unlock Your Highest Potential

What We Learn After We Know It All

“One’s first step in wisdom is to question everything –
and one’s last is to come to terms with everything.”

-Georg Christoph Lichtenburg


My take on life’s greatest mysteries:


Beauty: It is simply in the eye of the beholder but most beauty can rarely be touched or seen by the naked eye - rather it is felt by the heart.


Life: Nobody is a virgin, life screws us all! Deal with it!! Life is simply what our feelings do to us. Listen to Gandhi, "Live life as though you will die tomorrow; learn like you will live forever."


Success: Attitude is a very important factor that determines your success or lack thereof. Whatever you concieve will only be achieve if you believe. Convince your mind that you will be a sucess and you will be one. 


Literacy: The more you learn, the more you earn. I like to read all that I can – the good, the bad, and the ugly – to keep me in the loop of what’s out there being said. Take this to heart: "where you are in five years is a result of the books you read."


Critics: Those who believe in Fritzie shall have everlasting love, others shall not see life but rather the wrath of her vengeance.


College: College is one big party with a 25,000 cover charge. You can always retake a class, but never relive a party.


Women: Find one that deals with your craziness. A woman does not need to be understood, just loved.


 Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is a passion the robs the mind of reasoning, action and logic.


Love: I use to believe in love at first sight and “happily ever after” endings then college happened. Right now, love is just a word until I find somebody (i want to see my reflection in your eyes) to put meaning on it. Moulin Rouge: The greatest thing you will ever learn is to love and to be love. 


Age: "Age Aint Nothing But a Number". I have no real comprehension of age. If your over 20 I would lump you to the "adult" category and those below 20 are "kids". I use to think that the cut off date for "the cool factor" was 30. I was wrong. Some people never grow up and its actually a good thing.


Happiness: There is no different levels of happiness. Telling a joke to a friend puts the same smile to my face as graduating from college.


Death: Its a cycle of life, everything dies. There is no point worrying about it cause then you’ll miss life. Death is not presently an option therefore consider its existence as a relative deadline for figuring out who you actually are.


If I can leave you with one last piece of wisdom, it would be this: It’s not how much you know, but how much of that knowledge you apply that'll make the greatest difference.